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My partner took my daughter and left because she thought the money was out. Not working with much there for support, and need to keep my daughter in my life and support her. I'm physically not well enough after working my shoulders to the bone and workmans comp wasn't much help. They're messed up and, this has become my pursuit of happiness.
Gor Martsen
Google freecodecamp they have nice program
Start to learn and do exercises
It's step based
Be aware, you need to learn a lot!
I would recommend to start your home project, to make process more result oriented where you can apply new knowledge
Like your own website for example
I did treehouse fcc mva youtube a few others that slip my mind for names because its been all about the content. I recently came to grips with the expectations of functional programming w/ es classes and I'm getting more and more confident.
i know C++ and C. I want to contribute in opensource. Where can i find a mentor
can anyone help me?
Open up specific organizations, you will find out the contact information.
@rishiloyola thanks man
Ioannis Valasakis
hey coders! looking to create a website clone of taskrabbit.com for people in need as an open sourced voluntary/charity project. i would like to have a mentor to help me with the structure of the projectand the technologies involved! message me if you are willing :) thanks for your time!
Renjith S Raj
Im Python/Django developer Im ready to contribute open source projects if any one needed help please let me know. @wizofe
John Vandenberg
Hiya @wizofe , you could checkout @coala .
Ravichand RDD
Is there any product startups with open source projects ?
Viren Parmar
hello, i am viren parmar. i am organizer of Baroda Python Users group, I want to be a Mentor for GSOC 2018. so, please invite me to be a mentor for GSOC
John Vandenberg
@virenparmar , g'day, you will need to get involved in a GSoC org. E.g. PSF or coala are two I know have applied.
Search last years orgs
Viren Parmar
@jayvdb how should i be with them?
John Vandenberg
See gitter room for @coala
Hey guys, can anyone explain how to approach github/ or github organization for adding a feature??
Dario Costanzo
Hi There,
I have been studying CSS, HTML and JS but I feel like I need to start to be more "social" and co-work with someone, I aiming to find an intership or a job as a very junior front end web developer, so I would need a patience mentor for the purpose. Anyone, pls DM me
Shubham Awasthi
Hello everyone! I'm Shubham, a second year undergrad. I am a tech enthusiast student and willing to be a part of open source world. I'm willing to participate in GSoC. Have github organisation applied for GSoC2019?
Shubham Awasthi
No more
hello all
Raj Chowdhury
How do I apply for Gsoc 2020
Atul mishra
Hi all! I have experience with Python, Django and DRF. I want to do open source contribution and looking for a mentor.
Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz
Hey everyone
Anyone recently built Github actions using the typescript boilerplte?
Sidiney Rodrigues
Hello! Anyone here to help me?
Yair Ivan Medina Cota
Mohd Belal
Hello all
Seems everyone is looking for mentoring
i am mentoring people for Full Stack Development
Hope i can help you out guys
Hi all
i hav a query
in GitHub
anyone there to help pl
Hello people, I have some experience in Java, PHP... can somebody assign me to some free projects?
Vitaliy Kanev

Hello. I am about to delete account on Gitter as I don't use it anymore as a communication platform. I had account here in 2017 when I took break from Discord. I didn't knew I had Gitter account until I saw a link "Chat on Gitter" in some repository today.
Now. I am more active on platforms like Slack (currently one workspace) and Discord (as VitalKanev#2348 - might change sometimes). If you want to talk with me, use Discord, or DM me on Twitter (@vitalkanev) or send me an email (vitalkanev at yandex.ru - had some old email before)

Have a nice journey! - VitalKanev



Is there anyone here, currently looking for a mentor in any tech skill? Wondering if the topic is actually alive)