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Joshua Behrens
I recently got invited into a new repository. I wanted to change my group noficiation email and realized I am in 200k+ groups? How did they get there? I expected a number like 12. Must've been happened very recently. The group names itself also include emojis and xss injection names. Really weird stuff
Karthik(aw AK)

Hi, i start using gitlab with my own instance on a VPS.
I start a test python project with web hello world page using a docker instance.
All is local on the same server currently (not good for security and perf, but it's only for self usage and learning)
How can i make a CD job to deliver and run my Docker instance on a local docker/docker-compose ?
Current project is a Dockerfile for python 3.7, install dependancies and execute the python code.

i think i need to create the docker image, put it in the registery and deploy it
(Note : no kube)

Lukas M
Any idea if is possible to configure autoscaling in docker+machine executor via env variables ?
Well, even --machine-off-peak-periods is deprecated...
William Rose
How long does it take for an import from a "private" repo under my ID to a subgroup in the same organization?
Ryan Leach
Hey Gitlab keeps becoming unresponsive every time I attempt to delete my node module directory. Has happen on multiple machines and browsers.
Hi i published my package to my gitlab pypi registry
when i try to install my package pip is also trying to fetch the dependencies from my gitlab registry instead of public pypi.
Patrick Kolze

Hey everyone,

I currently have a bit trouble to understand the whitelisting of gitlab.

I setup rack attack like described here:

but the whitelisted IPs still get blocked.

grep "Rack_Attack" /var/log/gitlab/gitlab-rails/auth.log because to many requests goes to "/jwt/auth?account=..."

Does anybody know how to do it correctly?


Hey everyone,

I currently have a bit trouble to getting latest commit using Gitlab API

Does anybody know a workaround solution for thiss
Benjamin Rood
Hi guys, I promoted an issue to an epic by mistake... is it possible to "demote" it back to an issue?

Hi all,

can anybody tell me whether do you guys have any problems with the "gitlab git push options" atm? I mean especially the


  • git push origin $MERGE_BRANCH_NAME -o merge_request.create -o merge_request.target=master -o merge_request.remove_source_branch -o merge_request.merge_when_pipeline_succeeds

when creating a merge-request that should be automatically merged upon successful pipeline completion.

Yesterday in the evening my last pipeline succeeded and merge request was been automatically created & merged, but today i'm getting the response that

"To create a merge request for merge-branch-1599640565, visit:

and the MR is NOT created :-(

Benjamin Rood
It seems like this is defunct
No GitLab staff here :(
oh my... :-(
Hi, I cannot login into container registry from gitlab-ci runner. Where I can report this issue&
Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host?
@V-Yaroslavskyi_gitlab is this a cloud or onprem runner / gitlab instance? can you echo out the value of CI_REGISTY from your build script and check its pointing somewhere sane / expected?

Hey, i'm trying to connect to my self hosted micrk8s cluster.

But i'm getting

There was a problem authenticating with your cluster. Please ensure your CA Certificate and Token are valid.

Output of sudo gitlab-ctl tail -f when updating the Kubernetes cluster setting:

               "ca_cert":"-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----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\r\n5xTHbAk=\r\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----",
   "ua":"Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.15; rv:80.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/80.0",

I used a self singed cert and added it to the trusted certs to circumvent SSL issues in case this matters.

How can i fix this issue oder debug further?

Lukas M
Seems that git over http(s) is not working with helm version with enabled omniauth ( Azure ) ... I am getting remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied ( I am able to login via Gitlab UI with same AzureAD credentials )
Jared Evans
I'm using gitlab ci to run some mocha tests... is there anyone doing this and saving output as artifacts, how would it look?
18 replies
Patrick Kolze

Hey everyone,

somebody know how to get an overview of the Gitlab Docker Registry size per repository? (I would like to know which repository is using my disk space the most)

Jared Evans
in the gitlab runner, is $DOCKER_IMAGE_BUILD_TAG_ID a valid variable?
3 replies
Malcolm Crum
My pipelines are forever "running" because I have two manual steps after my automated one. How do I stop this?
Alfredo Correa

does anybody know what this log message is in the middle of a CI run
[runner-0277ea0f-project-12612417-concurrent-0:25622] Read -1, expected 23552, errno = 38?
for example here: https://gitlab.com/npneq/inq/-/jobs/737608492#L5676
(it doesn't per se make the runner fail but it fills up the log file beyond 4MB.)

This typical happens when running with mpirun

Hi everyone! I have an issue started from yesterday which I can't resolve right now related to deploy task in CI/CD pipeline.
The process fails with following error:
$ pip install awsebcli -q --upgrade
pyrsistent requires Python '>=3.5' but the running Python is 2.7.13
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1
Do I need to rollback somehow the environment for container or do something else?
It was working 1 week ago w/o issues
And I'm sorry if this is not the right place for asking such questions, but I didn't find anything better so far
Hi Everyone.. I am using GitLab CE. While I am trying to push my source code which consists of French characters, GitLab doesn't recognise them as french characters and uses its own encoding which in turn makes my build fail in the Jenkins server. Any idea for work around or how to solve this ?
Can somebody give an example of helm deployment job? I've tried to use alpine/helm image, but it isn't usable because of entrypoint and setting "entrypoint" to /bin/sh doesn't help
Sascha Wiegandt
Hello, does someone have a hint for me where i could configure the automatic bridge between gitlab ci and sonarqube? I want automatically get a visible Sonar scan in each Pull-Request a developer sets up. I know the manual way from .gitlab-ci.yml where i could push as step my results to sonar. but i read something that it would be possible to integrate both systems where i don't need to do this within each pipeline.
David Broin
Hi @TheSasch you always need some things in .gitlab-ci.yml sonarcloud integration helps you a lot, but they actually give a code to copy/paste in your CI config
6 replies
Hello, a quite basic question here for anyone using Gitlab CI with sbt/scala. I have my test stage followed by rpm:publish stage and I would like to skip compiling on the second stage and get the compiled files from the first stage. What is the ideal way of doing this ?
David Broin
You should use cache
@davidbro-in_gitlab thank you for the response and the reference but the docs say: While the cache could be configured to pass intermediate build results between stages, this should be done with artifacts instead.. However, this doesn't needs to be an artifact that's saved and stored in some place because it is only needed for the consecutive stage. Hence I am confused a little
David Broin
Yes, if there's nothing to share between stages you could use artifacts. I actually prefer that way because it's simpler to follow the pipeline artifacts, but cache speeds up compilation using previous stages cache.
Joe Phillips
can anyone clarify how I can incorporate allow_failure: true into this manual step?
    - if: $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH =~ /^release\/v\d+.\d+.\d+$/
      when: manual
    - when: never
do I need allow_failure: true on the previous step instead?
David Broin
Hi @phillijw could you share more lines? Last line is wrong, you don't have if, changes neither exists clause before when: never
This message was deleted
Have you try this?
    - if: $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH =~ /^release\/v\d+.\d+.\d+$/
      when: manual
      allow_failure: true