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@V-Yaroslavskyi_gitlab is this a cloud or onprem runner / gitlab instance? can you echo out the value of CI_REGISTY from your build script and check its pointing somewhere sane / expected?

Hey, i'm trying to connect to my self hosted micrk8s cluster.

But i'm getting

There was a problem authenticating with your cluster. Please ensure your CA Certificate and Token are valid.

Output of sudo gitlab-ctl tail -f when updating the Kubernetes cluster setting:

               "ca_cert":"-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\r\nMIIDATCCAemgAwIBAgIJAIpuVGLR9iLFMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBCwUAMBcxFTATBgNV\r\nBAMMDDEwLjE1Mi4xODMuMTAeFw0yMDA5MTAxODQ0MjJaFw0zMDA5MDgxODQ0MjJa\r\nMBcxFTATBgNVBAMMDDEwLjE1Mi4xODMuMTCCASIwDQYJKoZIhvcNAQEBBQADggEP\r\nADCCAQoCggEBAMc46zPNDPL2UPmcjbbYO/Tk1Y0JE1ft0EerIwV7Ef4Fo7L3NRZ4\r\nz+uaK6PxQW4PsP8DmsHbU6FUU5g435gTWOxajH9rArNutniJZtz7tBLnxpnIGgm7\r\n6pMZ8+stY9BUO10ALdLLrS6SFUGgiAQNYzN8qxDlvJmXLxUL8AiTkTKP8HiwEd\r\n3alCuwFp2z5CA47X9ar1mBW/U84BRJKXQJm+aEOCSOhxkzsxIQYOD3AuQpOo9lN\r\nWrRS9GsSaJXPWZkJPyvyd+dO9lDiLbb6nGCBbgm2Td/c7rXd8GcXJ6Cs3TOMdD\r\nsChouEgpp10b9duJ/A6UwcD863RMrBqSSTcCAwEAAaNQME4wHQYDVR0OBBYEFFIv\r\njdZMn2bsYIfGPEmw7duXbnKwMB8GA1UdIwQYMBaAFFIvjdZMn2bsYIfGPEmw7duX\r\nbnKwMAwGA1UdEwQFMAMBAf8wDQYJKoZIhvcNAQELBQADggEBAE9Yyi4OA40YO6o+\r\nalnuzYV5zZBGBr2rptZCYw1eO1QvNZh96kJ89WGRakh5WmpCdQMBR/LBZGcaWtk8\r\n8Wl7qgEvqX3xQqtRN/eBaNXVqAefKH9xirSjmD0AE8i3gGliXB/7U0tS4WqOrRSg\r\nmv1Y8KaL3PwSHV4/pF8e8ehHOGpC+eV9baPgvKDS/H3sqjrFwUB7Jdn81JXLBvDO\r\nS33v/k1WOBRCmsUmsnE9Xqw22gXu1/kgtBhB7jrODY8mDf/ZJ1M9xRPZ2LouqUDe\r\nHo55pbzAiu/BoGATaNfit2Fj57YIV6RxlyjZBNL7nXPy0bC2WlmZa4lg0ryh3v4X\r\n5xTHbAk=\r\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----",
   "ua":"Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.15; rv:80.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/80.0",

I used a self singed cert and added it to the trusted certs to circumvent SSL issues in case this matters.

How can i fix this issue oder debug further?

Lukas M
Seems that git over http(s) is not working with helm version with enabled omniauth ( Azure ) ... I am getting remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied ( I am able to login via Gitlab UI with same AzureAD credentials )
Jared Evans
I'm using gitlab ci to run some mocha tests... is there anyone doing this and saving output as artifacts, how would it look?
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Patrick Kolze

Hey everyone,

somebody know how to get an overview of the Gitlab Docker Registry size per repository? (I would like to know which repository is using my disk space the most)

Jared Evans
in the gitlab runner, is $DOCKER_IMAGE_BUILD_TAG_ID a valid variable?
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Malcolm Crum
My pipelines are forever "running" because I have two manual steps after my automated one. How do I stop this?
Alfredo Correa

does anybody know what this log message is in the middle of a CI run
[runner-0277ea0f-project-12612417-concurrent-0:25622] Read -1, expected 23552, errno = 38?
for example here: https://gitlab.com/npneq/inq/-/jobs/737608492#L5676
(it doesn't per se make the runner fail but it fills up the log file beyond 4MB.)

This typical happens when running with mpirun

Hi everyone! I have an issue started from yesterday which I can't resolve right now related to deploy task in CI/CD pipeline.
The process fails with following error:
$ pip install awsebcli -q --upgrade
pyrsistent requires Python '>=3.5' but the running Python is 2.7.13
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1
Do I need to rollback somehow the environment for container or do something else?
It was working 1 week ago w/o issues
And I'm sorry if this is not the right place for asking such questions, but I didn't find anything better so far
Hi Everyone.. I am using GitLab CE. While I am trying to push my source code which consists of French characters, GitLab doesn't recognise them as french characters and uses its own encoding which in turn makes my build fail in the Jenkins server. Any idea for work around or how to solve this ?
Can somebody give an example of helm deployment job? I've tried to use alpine/helm image, but it isn't usable because of entrypoint and setting "entrypoint" to /bin/sh doesn't help
Sascha Wiegandt
Hello, does someone have a hint for me where i could configure the automatic bridge between gitlab ci and sonarqube? I want automatically get a visible Sonar scan in each Pull-Request a developer sets up. I know the manual way from .gitlab-ci.yml where i could push as step my results to sonar. but i read something that it would be possible to integrate both systems where i don't need to do this within each pipeline.
David Broin
Hi @TheSasch you always need some things in .gitlab-ci.yml sonarcloud integration helps you a lot, but they actually give a code to copy/paste in your CI config
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Hello, a quite basic question here for anyone using Gitlab CI with sbt/scala. I have my test stage followed by rpm:publish stage and I would like to skip compiling on the second stage and get the compiled files from the first stage. What is the ideal way of doing this ?
David Broin
You should use cache
@davidbro-in_gitlab thank you for the response and the reference but the docs say: While the cache could be configured to pass intermediate build results between stages, this should be done with artifacts instead.. However, this doesn't needs to be an artifact that's saved and stored in some place because it is only needed for the consecutive stage. Hence I am confused a little
David Broin
Yes, if there's nothing to share between stages you could use artifacts. I actually prefer that way because it's simpler to follow the pipeline artifacts, but cache speeds up compilation using previous stages cache.
Joe Phillips
can anyone clarify how I can incorporate allow_failure: true into this manual step?
    - if: $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH =~ /^release\/v\d+.\d+.\d+$/
      when: manual
    - when: never
do I need allow_failure: true on the previous step instead?
David Broin
Hi @phillijw could you share more lines? Last line is wrong, you don't have if, changes neither exists clause before when: never
This message was deleted
Have you try this?
    - if: $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH =~ /^release\/v\d+.\d+.\d+$/
      when: manual
      allow_failure: true
Jon Ward

Hi, wondering if anybody could help me with an issue with using trigger / bridge jobs.

I have Project A which contains global variables in the CI YAML. Project B downstream also contains global variables which I do NOT want to override. I understand upstream variables have precedence over downstream vars, so I want to avoid passing Project A's global vars to Project B.

My .gitlab-ci.yml for Project A looks like:

  MY_VAR: "set in the upstream job"

  stage: trigger_downstream
  variables: {}
  trigger: myprojects/project_b

In Project B I have:

  MY_VAR: "set in the downstream job"

  stage: test
    - echo "$MY_VAR"

As you can see I have attempted to unset the global vars in Project A by using variables: {} in the job, however $MY_VAR is still being passed to Project B and overriding $MY_VAR there. Is there any way I can unset it? Thanks in advance for any tips!

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Brian Pham
Hi, is anyone here using Gitlab managed terraform state? I am trying to get a sense of how people are using it and if they like it over the other backend methods.
Dominic Watson
I'm trying to use AutoDevops inside a single repository hosting an nrwl/nx repository but having issues with only specific environment names getting various magical ENV vars: KUBE_* and CI_ENVIRONMENT_*. Anyone managed to do it?
There's multiple apps/endpoints with different K8S Replicaset requirements. I'm deploying a review app for each of them fine, because I can do something like:
  on_stop: reviewApiStop

that works because Gitlab respects review/* as part of AutoDevops and provides the magic sauce to let it work, but if I try the same with staging like so:

  name: staging/$PROJECT_NAME

It doesn't work cause it only works for staging and not staging/*

so I thought ok no big deal.. I know my cluster details, I'll provide the KUBE_ vars myself..... and I don't even get the CI_ENVIRONMENT_* vars -.-
Dominic Watson
Dominic Watson
figured it out.... the staging/$PROJECT_NAME didn't work because PROJECT_NAME doesn't exist at the environment:name "step" and ending in a forward slash is invalid
Hi - Having problems with accessing a repository using SSH
Anyone has any ideas
Judy Lipinski
A developer suddenly lost the ability to push or pull code. similar to this link, but it has lasted for days with no remedy. gitlab-org/gitlab-foss#1398
Alec Koumjian
I am trying to pass CI_ENVIRONMENT_NAME to webpack during the auto devops build step. I'm using the automatically detected buildpack and I've set AUTO_DEVOPS_BUILD_IMAGE_FORWARDED_CI_VARIABLES to CI_ENVIRONMENT_NAME,CI_COMMIT_SHA at the organization level. However, when I log out process.env, I can only see CI_COMMIT_SHA present.
Alec Koumjian

It looks like the environment name is set in the review step itself. What would folks recommend as the conventional way to use an environment config to point to other services from a static JS project? A dynamic environment such as an API can pull in environment variables or config files at run time, but I would think the static file project would need those configs built in, at build time.

I'm not afraid to write my own ci/cd scripts, but I'm curious if there is an auto devops convention here.

Dale Magee
Hi there. Does anybody have any theories as to why I'm seeing no content in the main area on most/all pages on gitlab.com? I see the menus but that's all. I've tried: turning off ad blocker, restarting browser, etc etc. This is only affecting firefox as far as I can tell, doesn't happen in chrome. I'm even seeing it on the github help page.
Dale Magee
if I had to guess I'd say a stylesheet isn't loading. div#content-body is set to display:none. Setting it to visible gives me content, but it's all messed up and not styled properly
Brian Pham
Does anyone know if gitlab managed terraform state remote store is supported for gitlab.com? I am looking at this doc, https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/administration/terraform_state.html and it only seems to show instructions for omnibus and from source.
Dale Magee
(I found the answer to my question, if anybody else is having the same issue: gitlab-org/gitlab#239357)

I'm having trouble while trying to sign-in with my github account.
It says I need to confirm my email, so i click "resend confirmation email" but I got the following error:
Could not authenticate you from GitHub because "Csrf detected".

I've tried on firefox and chrome (with and without incognito mode) same things happens.
Any idea on how I can login ?

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