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Zechariah Moore

Hey all
I'm looking for options of automating a deploy token - I already have some script that creates a subgroup off our variables/forks another repo into the subgroup.
I'm looking at options as far as creating a deploy token and i'm struggling with the script - I think It may require admin access to my generated token id which I don't currently have but it'd be nice to have a second set of eyes on it

var code = "formatted";

import gitlab
import  sys

# tokenauthentification
# token = 'my token'
gl = gitlab.Gitlab(private_token='my_private_key')

group_parent_id = 'my_created_parent_id_from_prior_script' 

# %%
deploy_tokens = gl.deploytokens.create({
    'name': 'name',
    'scopes': ['read_repository'],
    'username': 'username',
    'expires_at' : ''})

The error is 'DeployTokenManager' object has no attribute 'create' which to me means the deploytokens path isn't correct but it's what's current on readthedocs :/

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Garrett Heaton
Hello, is it possible to manage a gitlab installation via got (say in a gitlab project)? I feel like this form of gitception should be possible but don't seem to be finding any writeups on Google... Is this a horrible idea?
Hello, I am using the IAM role to run the backups from the toolbox and store them in S3. S3cfg is not using IAM and I don't want to use creds. Is there any solution for that?
Lalo Mores
Good morning, community! I'm seeing a lot of code questions. Is this the right place to ask about some funny behavior of my issue boards at gitlab.com ?
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Waseem Soomro
Hi. I have two factor enabled and cant find option to disable it.
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Meanwhile I am using one time passwords to login but will run short of them. How can I seek help for this? Thanks
Vijay Prathipati
Changes to free tier public projects
  1. Effective June 1, 2022, all free tier public projects will be included in the 400 minutes per month CI/CD minutes quota.
  2. Before July 1, 2022, all free tier public open source projects will need to enroll in GitLab's Open Source Program to continue to receive GitLab Ultimate benefits.
Hi i am getting this notification on top of my project
is there any effect on my project after this deadline
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i am new to gitlab so can any suggest me what to do
on gitlab.com some of our CI pipelines have started failing today with invalid yaml artifacts:reports config contains unknown keys: cobertura. Has this been deprecated?
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compound radius
has something changed with deploy tokens and registry.gitlab.com? I can successfully login, but I get an unauthorized: HTTP Basic : Access denied now. This has worked fine previously for months.
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Paul Saunders
Looking for a definitive answer on how long (currently) audit events are kept for. https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/administration/audit_events.html#retention-policy says that there is none, and points to an open feature for adding a retention policy. But how long are they currently kept for?
I'm trying to configure release job in Gitlab-CI
for now it looks like this and fails

  stage: release
    - job: build-web
      artifacts: true
  image: registry.gitlab.com/gitlab-org/release-cli:latest
    - if: $CI_COMMIT_TAG
    - if: $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH == 'master'
    - echo "Running the release job."
    tag_name: '$CI_COMMIT_TAG'
    ref: '$CI_COMMIT_TAG'
    name: 'Release $CI_COMMIT_TAG'
    description: 'Release created using the release-cli.'
$ echo "Running the release job."
Running the release job.
Executing "step_release" stage of the job script
$ release-cli create --name "Release $CI_COMMIT_TAG" --description "Release created using the release-cli." --tag-name "$CI_COMMIT_TAG" --ref "$CI_COMMIT_TAG"
time="2022-05-07T19:01:08Z" level=info msg="Creating Release..." cli=release-cli command=create name="Release " project-id=32201481 ref= server-url="https://gitlab.com" tag-name= version=0.11.0
time="2022-05-07T19:01:08Z" level=fatal msg="run app" cli=release-cli error="failed to create release: API Error Response status_code: 422 message: Ref is not specified" version=0.11.0
Cleaning up project directory and file based variables
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1
what I'm doing wrong?
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compound radius
I still can't find a solution for the docker login to registry.gitlab.com. Everything was working, now it isn't I have tried specifying docker login registry.gitlab.com:443 and that also did not change the result.
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Nicolas Goudry

Hi, I come here because I have a problem with a self-hosted runner and GitLab SaaS (gitlab.com). My runner cant clone our private repositories anymore due to a SSL error.

Here is the error:

fatal: unable to access 'https://gitlab.com/company/group/subgroup/project.git/': SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

Does anyone else have this error ? I can see that the certificate of gitlab.com is expirating in 3 days, but Im not sure its linked

Justin Georgeson (Work)
@nicolas-goudry I was seeing the same thing this morning, but only on one of our runners. I restarted the container for that runner and the error went away.
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Hello, we are currently installing Gitlab using the environment toolkit, on AWS, backed with runners in EKS. When a new runner pod is created, it picks up a job. If I pause the runner in the Gitlab UI and resume it, it picks up a new job. However, if I don't touch it and kick off a pipeline job, the runner log says Checking for jobs... nothing. And it never actually picks up the job unless I pause/resume the runner, or delete the pod in K8s so it creates a new runner pod. I'm not finding much about this on the internet, and been debugging it for a few hours. Currently using gitlab-runner:alpine3.15-14.9.2 for the runner
:point_up: Edit: Hello, we are currently installing Gitlab using the environment toolkit, on AWS, backed with runners in EKS. When a new runner pod is created, it picks up a job. If I pause the runner in the Gitlab UI and resume it, it picks up a new job. However, if I don't touch it and kick off a pipeline job, the runner log says Checking for jobs... nothing. And it never actually picks up the job unless I pause/resume the runner, or delete the pod in K8s so it creates a new runner pod. I'm not finding much about this on the internet, and been debugging it for a few hours. Currently using gitlab-runner:alpine3.15-14.10.0 for the runner. Gitlab is running 14.10.0 currently
I got this fixed, deployed with the Environment Toolkit, Sidekiq was reading from the wrong Redis cluster. After a review of the queues in the "Background Jobs" in the Admin panel it became obvious there was a queuing issue. Latency climbed very high, jobs weren't being completed, etc. I hope my explanation here helps the next person who runs into this issue.
Vignesh Shanmuganathan


I added container scanning to my GItlab pipeline, but I dont see this stp in the pipeline nor their is any error.

FYI: My repo is private and weuploade our images to Gitlab COntainer registry.

THough doing this would suffice:

- template: Jobs/Build.gitlab-ci.yml

  • template: Security/Container-Scanning.gitlab-ci.yml

Let me know if i am missing something

Jason Chen
hey guys, question. is ios shared runners coming with release 15.0?
2 replies
anybody know? or if it has been punted to next release D:
Hi everyone, when I try to remove integration with my AKS cluster I get a 500 error from gitlab.com is there a way to know what's the problem ?
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Capture 500.PNG
Is there a channel like this one on Discord ?
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Peter Bollen
Playing around with gitlab-triage, and would like to configure pipeline-schedules as supported by https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/quality/triage-ops/-/blob/master/bin/manage_schedules. What would be the better approach to set this up, instead of copy-pasting these file(s) into my own repo?
Travis Newman

hey yeall

is downloading release assets from private repos via the API still busted? gitlab-org/gitlab#28978

curious what the right way to do this is

Matt Angell

Hi all, Im a recruiter at GitLab and wanted to let you know about a new team we are building here called Contributor Success. Our mission is to increase the efficiency, incentive & reward of our contribution process in order to achieve our ambition of supporting & achieving over 1000 community contributors to the Gitlab project!

We're looking for backend engineers today that have experience with contributing to open source projects like GitLab. Youll have an opportunity to grow our community, make it easier to contribute and support various open-source initiatives across the wider ecosystem.

If youre open to discussing a new full-time position with me or have any questions, feel free to drop me a message at mangell@gitlab.com or DM me here in Gitter!

Thank you and have a great day.

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Hi all
Anyone knows if GitLab 15 packages are going to release at specific hour today? Or just random time?
Nvm, dropped 30m ago.

Hi Guys... need a hint.

In a gitlab runner I try to set SSH_COMMAND. for win machine (no docker)
If I set it in beforescript part as
${env:GIT_SSH_COMMAND} = 'ssh -vvv -i "C:\\Users\\te\\.ssh\\id_rsa" -o UserKnownHostsFile=C:/Users/te/.ssh/known_hosts'
it works.

however I would like to set it in variables (as we do for linux pipelines)
env:GIT_SSH_COMMAND : 'ssh -vvv -o UserKnownHostsFile=c:/Users/te/.ssh/known_hosts -i "c:\Users\te\.ssh\id_rsa"'

It works only partially. UserKnownHostFile is just ignored. Everything else works.

What happens?

By trial and error I discovered that it might depend on how I pass the paths ( \ vs / vs \\, what quation marks I use...)

But I am unable to figure out how to make it work.

Nicolas Goudry

Hi there, I come here because we just experienced a severe issue regarding GitLab SaaS issues (free tier).

We created a project 4 days ago, along with an issue that was given the id 1. Today, we couldnt find the issue on the project at all.
One of our developer had the issue page still opened in his browser, so he shared the link with us, but it gave us a 404 page when trying to open it.
The same developer just hit the refresh button and also got a 404.

In order to narrow down the problem and see if we deleted the issue by error, we created a new issue, which was also given the id 1 (weird).
We intentionnaly deleted this issue, and created a new one, which was given the id 2 (better).
This behavior strongly suggests that the problem is on GitLab and not on us. There isnt any issue reported on status.gitlab.com.
I see that GitLab 15.0 was released recently, could it be the source of the issue ?

Also, we found another weird thing: there is no activity log when deleting an issue, and the issue creation log is also deleted ! This behavior seems off, why purposefuly rewrite activity logs rather than append to it ?

Nick Veenhof
@nicolas-goudry All production issues are handled here https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/gl-infra/production/-/issues but I don't see any indication of issues like you mentioned. I would suggest to send the information to our support staff with as much data as you can provide!
lvaro Linares Cabr矇
I have GitLab EE on k8s
Implement with Helm Chart
My upload are on GCP
When I try to do the migration it don't works
I do a check and I received this message: ArgumentError (Missing required arguments: google_project)
Can anyone have the same or was thhis problem?
Thanks a lot :D
David Ellis
I've been fighting with a weird issue for the past couple of days. In my pipeline I've told gitlab to include the entire repository in the artifact. I then add an exclude and tell it to not include the .git directory, and a few other files. But no matter what I put in the exclude, the pipeline always includes the .git directory. The other files I've put in the exclude are properly excluded, but .git is not.
    - ./
    - ./.git
    - ./.git/
    - ./.git/*
    - ./.git/**
    - ./**/.git