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Balaganesh MURUGAN
AM facing some errorrs in gitlab pipeline
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Hi, I'm trying to set up selenium tests with GitLab CI, but the tests fail without creating any artifacts or console logging from inside the steps or describes (though there is some logging from inside a file imported by the config file). The job output looks like this

npm run confidence-check --host=selenium__standalone-chrome
    wdio testConfig/conf.js --cucumberOpts.tagExpression @testlogin
    Execution of 3 workers started at 2022-06-07T18:52:19.086Z
    [0-0] RUNNING in chrome - /features/Login.feature
    [0-0] FAILED in chrome - /features/Login.feature
    Spec Files: 0 passed, 1 failed, 2 skipped, 3 total (100% completed) in 00:00:02
    Uploading artifacts for failed job
    Uploading artifacts...
    e2e/errorShots: found 1 matching files and directories (these directories are all empty)
    e2e/testResults: found 1 matching files and directories
    e2e/allure-report: found 1 matching files and directories
    Uploading artifacts as "archive" to coordinator... 201 Created id=400 responseStatus=201 Created token=K2Lx3dVt
    Cleaning up project directory and file based variables
    ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

And the pipeline stage looks like this:

  image: node:lts-alpine3.14
  stage: confidence-check
    - selenium/standalone-chrome
    - echo "====== Change to test directory ======"
    - cd e2e
    - echo "====== Install python ======"
    - apk add --update --no-cache py-pip
    - echo "====== Set up python build envt ======"
    - apk add python3 make g++
    - echo "====== Install dependencies ======"
    - npm install --legacy-peer-deps
    - echo "====== Create directories ======"
    - mkdir testResults
    - mkdir errorShots
    - mkdir allure-results
    - mkdir allure-report
    - echo "====== Run tests ======"
    - npm run confidence-check --host=selenium__standalone-chrome
    - allure generate -c ./allure-results -o ./allure-report

    when: always
      - e2e/errorShots
      - e2e/testResults
      - e2e/allure-report

(Ref. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/72545171/gitlab-ci-pipeline-not-producing-test-artifacts-from-webdriverio-tests)


Hi! I am trying to migrate from S3 terraform state to gitlab terraform state and get:

POST https://gitlab.com/api/v4/projects/XXX/terraform/state/qm-environment-cluster/lock Acquiring state lock. This may take a few moments... β•· β”‚ Error: Error acquiring the state lock β”‚ β”‚ Error message: HTTP remote state endpoint invalid auth

So the state is not locked, as the UI allows me to lock it. What is the reason for HTTP remote state endpoint invalid auth
Found the reason: The gitlab token did not have enough rights.
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berjan b
Hi, Folks
is there any on you using Gitlab SelfHosted + EKS with AUto Devops feature?
Mrinal Purohit
Hi all, Need some help: How do we force the pipeline to build the artifacts "FROM" specific branch?
Constantinos Symeonides

Is there an issue currently with the Dependency Proxy? I've been getting intermittent CI job failures with errors like this:

ERROR: Job failed: failed to pull image "gitlab.com:443/<redacted>/dependency_proxy/containers/docker:20.10.7-dind" with specified policies [always]: Error response from daemon: received unexpected HTTP status: 500 Internal Server Error (manager.go:203:0s)

I've also had failures when trying to build an image that uses the dependency proxy in its FROM.

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Russell Jacobs
Hi folks,
Is there an API documented or not which allows us to modify the new General pipeline settings introduced in v15. As an example I want to programmatically change the above option in screenshot.
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Hello, it's been a few days I've been trying to buy CI minutes, and it's failing. I opened a support ticket, but I cannot make the payment. I tried with different working cards.
1 reply
is anybody aware of the issue?
Hi everyone, why can't I add a group to a repository? In the dropdown list that appears when you want to invite a group on a specific repository I have 'group/subgroup' but not te group onlly.... https://imgur.com/a/uoH09Zs I mean, my group name is 'joifilabs' and inside I have more subgroups...a few months ago I could add 'joifilabs' only to any repository but now I can't....appears 'joifilabs/subgroup' only
Could it be something related with group settings or user permissions? because I also have tried to change the max role from maintainer to owner and it remains the same...
Constantinos Symeonides

Is there a way to customise the schedule of the Container Registry Cleanup job?

For context, we use the Docker Registry HTTP API to create a new tag for an existing image without having to pull and push the image.

This morning an image that was tagged in this way disappeared mysteriously from the registry, and it was at about the same time that the Cleanup job ran.

This might be a bug with the cleanup job, but I'm not sure how to give you a reproducible bug report if I can't control when the job runs! (and also if I can ensure the job runs during the night, it won't be a problem anymore)

Hello guys, when starting up gitlab using docker (docker-compose), is it possible to set some of the gitlab.rb variables via environment variables from the host? So let's say, I define a ROOT_PASSWORD=foo on the host system, now in the docker-compose I would like to use that env var so its value is used for gitlab_rails['initial_root_password']. This is defined in: https://docs.docker.com/compose/environment-variables/#pass-environment-variables-to-containers
so you can pass env vars into the containers. The question is, how is it for GITLAB_OMNIBUS_CONFIG as this is a multiline string. Tried the following, but without success. The root password was not set, instead I had to lookup and use the generated initial_root_password file.
version: '3.6'
    image: 'my-registry/dh/gitlab/gitlab-ee:15.0.3-ee.0'
    restart: always
    hostname: 'gitlab.example.com'
        external_url 'https://gitlab.my-domain.com'
        gitlab_rails['smtp_password'] = ENV['SMTP_PASSWORD']
        gitlab_rails['initial_root_password'] = ENV['ROOT_PASSWORD']
looks like you have to set them, leaving empty will not pass them, which is strange. Using ROOT_PASSWORD: ${ROOT_PASSWORD:} works.
how can I immediately delete a subgroup using the API?
I do not want the delete to be deferred... I am sure I do not want to restore the subgroup
I have a question,when i use command to set global webhook,how can i set webhook's trigger,it default is push event.help,please,that's command [gitlab-rake gitlab:web_hook:add URL="http://example.com/hook"]
Tomislav Simnett
How can I get the review app for a given merge request in the API?
Is it possible to approve and merge a MR without having it close automatically?
1 reply
Hello there!
Can I somehow run the pages job (https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/ci/yaml/#pages) on every branch and MR, and have them accessible somewhere "quickly", and never clobber the master pages?
1 reply
hello, if i use the image property in my ci/cd pipeline to denote specific image how the docker container will get access to the current project codebase?
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how can I immediately delete a subgroup using the API?
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hello @all I need to setup Gitlab-Vault integration. as step 1 i need to exec into the vault pod and setup JWT auth but Im not sure the values to use for my gitlab instance:
command to run in vault pod is :
vault write auth/jwt/config \
jwks_url="https://gitlab.example.com/-/jwks" \
Not really sure what to use but I can access one of my project files at this url : https://swdfbc.zw.fbcholdings.com/microplan/devops/labs
What is the recommended scheme actually ? Is it :
vault write auth/jwt/config jwks_url="https://gitlab.<base_domain>:<port>/-/jwks" bound_issuer="gitlab.<base_domain>"
or the one that is here https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/ci/secrets/
Yes. I asked earlier. There was no response earlier. It holds the deletion for later.
I need it to be removed immediately as part of other automation I am doing. With the UI you can force immediate deletion. It is not intuitive, but you can delete twice or do it a handful of other ways. I have a hunch you can immediately delete through the API in an undocumented manner.
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JΓ©rΓ΄me Reybert

hello, I have an issue with submodules and gitlab-runner.
I have a project with submodules, and recursive submodules, like:

This project runs CI since few month, without any issue. but today, I want to remove top/sub-b/subsub-a. and I get this error during repo intialization in CI:

fatal: No url found for submodule path 'top/sub-b/subsub-a' in .gitmodules
fatal: run_command returned non-zero status while recursing in the nested submodules of top/sub-b

Initially, GIT_STRATEGY is set to fetch. If I set GIT_STRATEGY to clone, it fixes the issue for this particular runner. But I have several runners, and I can't force the choice of the runner.


  • it seems to be a gitlab issue around submodules
  • is there any way to wipe already cloned project for this specific project on all the runners?
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I certainly don’t
Was sure I wanted them deleted and felt the API should allow you to have that kind of shoot-your-self-in-the-foot power. At least as an option.
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Anybody migrated from clickup to Gitlab ?
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James Robb
Basic question, but I was wondering about timeouts per-stage or per-pipeline. Everything I read seems to suggest it is only possible to set times on a per-job basis. Is it at all possible to set a timeout at the pipeline level? That is, irrespective of how many jobs or stages there are in the pipeline, I'd like the pipeline to terminate if it hasn't completed in an hour.
Jonathan Mercier
hi gitlab users and team, I encounter a problem with a kubernetes gitlab-runner. I do not unerstand why the error below occurs
it is strange as this error come from only on one of the two tasks
those 2 tasks match the same gilab-runner as they are tagged
Jonathan Mercier
gitlabUrl: "https://gitlab.foo.fr/"
imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent
unregisterRunners: true
concurrent: 2
checkInterval: 10

## Configure integrated Prometheus metrics exporter
## ref: https://docs.gitlab.com/runner/monitoring/#configuration-of-the-metrics-http-server
  enabled: true
    enabled: true
    enabled: true

## Configuration for the Pods that that the runner launches for each new job
  ## Default container image to use for builds when none is specified
  image: rockylinux:8.5

  privileged: true
  tags: "privileged,large"
  runUntagged: false

  ## Configure environment variables that will be injected to the pods that are created while
  ## the build is running. These variables are passed as parameters, i.e. ,
  ## to  command.
  ## Note that  (see below) are only present in the runner pod, not the pods that are
  ## created for each build.
  ## ref: https://docs.gexport NAMESPACE="gitlab"itlab.com/runner/commands/#gitlab-runner-register
    HOME: /tmp

  config: |
        privileged = true
        # build container
        cpu_limit = "2"
        memory_limit = "5Gi"
        # service containers
        service_cpu_limit = "1"
        service_memory_limit = "1Gi"
        # helper container
        helper_cpu_limit = "1"
        helper_memory_limit = "1Gi"
          name = "var-dbus"
          host_path = "/var/run/dbus"
          mount_path = "/var/run/dbus"
          read_only = false
          name = "run-dbus"
          host_path = "/run/dbus"
          mount_path = "/run/dbus"
          read_only = false

## Configure environment variables that will be present when the registration command runs
## This provides further control over the registration process and the config.toml file
## ref: 
## ref: https://docs.gitlab.com/runner/configuration/advanced-configuration.html
  - name: HOME
    value: /home/gitlab-runner
Jonathan Mercier
I think I found, itwas fail2ban which though that k8 gitlab-runner was bots
West Farmer
hello, gitlab show wrong diffs when create merge request, how can I debug this problem ?
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Brendan Miller-Young
hey, I just upgraded my groups gitlab plan but its not updating, how long does it usually take