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Repo info
I am new to gitlab and I am loving it
I have a question to which i am not able to find a solution to.

I have my custom docker image on the gitlab registry which has an entrypoint python script that prints out the argument passed to the script.

I use this image in my test project's ci pipeline . The image is run but the argument is not passed to and printed. The container works perfectly when ran locally via docker. I figure I am missing some thing in my gitlab ci yml. Please help ""

Below is the docker image created.


Below is the project I am testing the above image on.


I have tried changing the .gitlab-ci.yml in various ways . Doesnt work.

Dockerfile code :

FROM python:alpine3.7
COPY . /app
ENTRYPOINT ["python", "test.py"]

Project using the above image:


The build passes but i get unexpected results: Actual:

Running with gitlab-runner 12.1.0 (de7731dd)
on docker-auto-scale fa6cab46
Using Docker executor with image registry.gitlab.com/raiyanyahya/docker-python-version ...
Authenticating with credentials from job payload (GitLab Registry)
Pulling docker image registry.gitlab.com/raiyanyahya/docker-python-version ...
Using docker image sha256:174111ca904169c5d8e395801d5d0455e127f41dc0a03ae134907157c62bfc08 for registry.gitlab.com/raiyanyahya/docker-python-version ...
Running on runner-fa6cab46-project-13759326-concurrent-0 via runner-fa6cab46-srm-1565485040-e61249f3...
Fetching changes with git depth set to 50...
Initialized empty Git repository in /builds/raiyanyahya/test-docker-in-pipline/.git/
Created fresh repository.
From https://gitlab.com/raiyanyahya/test-docker-in-pipline

  • [new branch] master -> origin/master
    Checking out 7c6bdafb as master...

Skipping Git submodules setup
Authenticating with credentials from job payload (GitLab Registry)
The input to the container is sh
done !!
The input to the container is sh
done !!
Job succeeded


The input to the container is test.

Hello everyone, I'm facing problem with global hook on Gitlab 12.0.3. I asked in stackoverflow but there is no answer. I also found questions in Gitlab forum without answers . Is Anybody know how to configure global hook in Gitlab 12.X ? Thanks.
Sergio Gutiérrez
Hello! I'm facing a problem connecting Gitlab CI with BuddyBuild, an external service to build mobile apps, in the same pipeline. Both are connected with a webhook and until ~2 months ago, Gitlab CI jobs and BuddyBuild's job were in the same pipeline without further configuration. Now we are seeing an erratic behavior, where BuddyBuild's job is being displayed in a completely different pipeline of its own. I want to try understand what's going on. Do any of you know how a webhook-based job is linked to a pipeline?
Sergio Gutiérrez
Ok, so after long research, I found this issue from 2 months ago describing a similar issue. I'm linking it here just in case someone with the same problem finds this message: gitlab-org/gitlab-ce#61794
Brian Caffey
I'm still stuck trying to get gitlab pages for a project working on the group level. I have set up the group repo group-name.gitlab.io (which is empty for now), I have a project (project-name) in the group with artifacts in the public folder, which I can see when I browse the pipeline's artifacts. This contains the build assets for a vuepress site that I'm trying to serve under group-name.gitlab.io/project-name. I don't see anything in Settings > Pages. On my personal site I see the message Congratulations! Your pages are served under:, but I don't see this in my group project. Here's the link to the project if anyone can help take a look. https://gitlab.com/verbose-equals-true/django-postgres-vue-gitlab-ecs
Jesse Schulman
We have a repository with multiple java projects in it. When a commit triggers a build we check which projects were changed and only build the changed projects by checking which files changed in CI_COMMIT_SHA. We've realized this doesn't work when a push contains multiple commits... and I cannot find any environment variables that would tell me about commits in the push besides the most recent one (CI_COMMIT_SHA).
Is there any strategy that we can use to see which commit was the first (oldest) in the push that triggered a job, or how many commits there were in the push?
Brian Caffey
I figured out the issue with my GitLab pages, the CI job was not called "pages". I found this in the documentation. Changing the name of the job to "pages" fixed the issue
Zijing Zhang
So my local test works fine but GitLab CI is complaining about connection: https://gitlab.com/zzj0402/moaserver/-/jobs/272837637
Roger Ostrander
@zzj0402_gitlab The Uncaught MongoNetworkError: failed to connect to server [db:27017] leads me to believe that it's trying to connect to mongo, which isn't going to be included in the runner unless you go through extra effort to do so.
John Semander
Hi, I'm having some issues when running node.js unit tests (mocha) with the ci runner. It downloads the in-memory MongoDB server, but everything works on my local (obviously). I'm not sure if it is just a limitation with the shared runners on Gitlab or something I'm doing wrong. thanks
Kelly Thomas Kline
Where at gitlab.com can I browse or search FOSS projects hosted there? Is discovery a weak spot?
Lee Tickett
Kelly Thomas Kline
Thanks @leetickett_gitlab. Do you know if it's possible to filter by language? I know that "rust" can be added to the textual query but that's not nearly as reliable as scoping a language attribute
Kelly Thomas Kline
If I go to https://gitlab.com/explore when not authenticated the filtering applies to all hosted projects. However, if I'm authenticated at https://gitlab.com/explore, Explore projects is selected, entering a filter query applies only to my projects. How can I explore all as if I was not authenticated?
Lee Tickett
i'm not too sure i'm afraid, i wonder if you could use the API to do a search? doesn't look like the UI allows searching on anything other than project name
Kelly Thomas Kline
I'm sure I could but I'm thinking about it from a project discovery standpoint and what would help Gitlab compete with GitHub. One thing for certain is I'd make "Explore" on the home page (https://about.gitlab.com/) more prominent. As little as integrating a global project search right in the page or, ideally, using an entire 1/3 side of the page for live/dynamic content funneling exposure to projects
Gitlab.com has a tremendous asset in the form of a large amount of dynamic and interesting data. I go to https://about.gitlab.com/ and I see massive potential being unrealized
Lee Tickett
interesting point- i've never really thought much about the "stumbling"
we have a private gitlab setup on-prem for work and then I use the public for contributing to the gitlab-ce project and gdk but never thought about randomly exploring other projects

I just found the /-/graphql-explorer endpoint on my local gitlab server and was playing with getting data from it. i noticed that 'mergeRequests' produces an empty list, whereas 'issues' gives me a full list of issues

  project(fullPath: "...") {
    mergeRequests {
      edges {
        node {


  "data": {
    "project": {
      "mergeRequests": {
        "edges": []

is this bc the graphql api is not ready for production, or might i be doing something wrong?

using version 12.1.4-ee
Hey, is there a static site generator which supports Gitlab flavored markdown?
William Hetherington
see that page

@willwh i guess i should use one of these: Jekyll, Middleman, Hexo, Hugo, Pelican

I'm currently using gitbook for doc generation

Hi, how can I use shell runner? I have permission denied when runner start mkdir command. (I set builds_dir into config.toml)
Fix it
Aliaksei Hrechushkin
Hi, guys!
I trying update gitlab to 12.1.6 from 12.0.2
And i think that this process is stuck
What i need to do to complete finish it process?
[root@git ~]# ps -ef | grep gitlab-ce
root      9566  8436  0 19:49 pts/0    00:00:00 sudo yum install gitlab-ce
root      9568  9566  0 19:49 pts/0    00:00:11 /usr/bin/python /bin/yum install gitlab-ce
root     32279 22169  0 20:55 pts/2    00:00:00 grep --color=auto gitlab-ce
[root@git ~]# pstree 9566
Tom Weston

Hi all..

We have hit an issue that is affecting build environments that use dind.

we are hitting the dredded:

ERROR: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at tcp://localhost:2375. Is the docker daemon running?

We are using the following for our values file:

image: gitlab/gitlab-runner:alpine-v12.1.0

imagePullPolicy: Always

gitlabUrl: https://gitlab.domain.com/

runnerRegistrationToken: "someValue"

unregisterRunners: true

terminationGracePeriodSeconds: 3600

certsSecretName: gitlab.domain.com

concurrent: 10

checkInterval: 30

  create: true
  resources: ["pods", "pods/exec", "secrets"]
  verbs: ["get", "list", "watch", "create", "patch", "delete"]

  clusterWideAccess: true

  enabled: true


  image: alpine:latest

  locked: false

  tags: "docker"

  privileged: true

  cache: {}

  builds: {}

  services: {}

  helpers: {}

resources: {}

affinity: {}

nodeSelector: {}

tolerations: []

  - name: RUNNER_ENV
    value: "DOCKER_HOST=tcp://localhost:2375"

hostAliases: []

podAnnotations: {}

we are using the latest gitlab-runner chart from:
gitlab https://charts.gitlab.io

We are unable to talk to the docker engine to run docker builds from inside our pipelines..

Munjal Patel
Hello .. I am having a problem with GitLab Pages .. can any one help?
My Hugo page pipeline succeeds. But I get 404 when I try to go to: https://{group}.gitlab.io/{project}
I have one group and a single project in that group for docs
What’s the name of your pages job?
It needs to be ‘pages’
Zijing Zhang
I am building a CI for a dockerized app which uses docker-compose to build. The CI runner is successfully making the app listening an port but it stalls on the listening while there are remaining tests to run. How to make the CI runner to keep the service running and start testing?
Jack M
Any advice for upgrading Certmanager on a Gitlab managed k8s cluster? The webhook is failing to mount the certs volume, and I am stuck.
(should mention: Managed by Gitlab.com)
Jack M
@zzj0402_gitlab How are you running the tests? Wouldn't something like... docker-compose run app rake test keep the services running while tests are run?
@zzj0402_gitlab At least in my app, that fires up the database and other ancillary services, and keeps them running while the tests run.
on my gitlab profile I'm able to set my private users.noreply.gitlab.com email as the public email on my profile, but I'm not able to receive any emails via it? is this intended or a bug?
Zijing Zhang
@jackmiig_gitlab What's the yaml file for you? I think that's what I should do.
Hey there, I am looking for a way to retrieve the GitLab CI config that is used in the end when I am creating a pipeline. This is simple for a single .gitlab-ci.yml file but gets more complicated when using YAML anchors, includes, extends and other more advanced features.
Can I somehow access that final config?