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Jim Tupper
anyone know a way to set artifacts to never expire in the .gitlab-ci.yml
Hi, I have a custom base image that includes XDebug in it. However, when Gitlab runs the job, it will say during running PHPUnit - Code Coverage driver not found even though it is installed in the base image. Has anyone else ever had this issue?
Hi there! Can someone point me to the direction how I can debug a gitaly "connection reset by peer" grpc error in more depth? Setting GRPC_LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG didn't gave mor logging or info.
@acsjimtupper_gitlab hey, i think there is no way at the moment. Just set a really high value like 100 yrs
Yaroslav Sorokin
Hello everyone! Is there any plugin system in the Gitlab CI/CD similar to CircleCI Orbs or Jenkins plugins, which makes easier to integrate third-party software to pipeline process?
I didnt find anything similar in documentation, but maybe Ive missed it?
@yasorokin_gitlab chekc the docs: https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/administration/plugins.html
The plugin system is limited i guess on purpose
Yaroslav Sorokin
Thanks @ochorocho ! Unfortunately, this is look like plugins for some gitlab system hooks, but not for the pipelines.
I found this - https://about.gitlab.com/partners/integrate/. I think the closest thing I am looking for called Project Service
on the site, i have to go to options and dezoom to 80% to see the notification and subscribe to an issue/other
could the right menu have a scrollbar or something ?
the left one does
Sam McLeod
Hi, I was wondering if you're planning to run GitLab in containers, how does it replicate the host SSH key between the instances to ensure clients get a consistent host key offered to them?
I couldn't find any documentation on this and just a few open tickets asking similar thing.
hello everyone
not a hundred percent sure if this is the right room, but here goes :
basically, I would like to download files (serialized ) from a dedicated repo into another repo. The first one will only contain files and have a simple structure of directories holding files
the second one contains code and simply needs these files every now and then, without tracking them
any thoughts?
Remco Haszing
Im experiencing an issue where tag pipelines arent running. Is anyone else having this issue?
Lee Tickett
is gitlab down at the moment?
Remco Haszing
Seems so. I am unable to git fetch
Lee Tickett
oh dear- not good- thanks
for me the same, gitlab has an internal server error 503
Lee Tickett
thank you
Utkarsh Gupta
Yep. It's down :(
Utkarsh Gupta
Mario P矇rez Alarc籀n

Hi guys! I posted a question in SO without no clear response on what's wrong with the postgres service in gitlab-runner: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58952919/postgresql-background-worker-logical-replication-launcher-exited-with-exit-co

The service somehow timeouts and postgres restarts, but I cannot connect into the DB afterwards. I haven't changed my giltab-ci.yml in a while so it may have been due to a recent update. Using versions 12.5 now in both Gitlab & gitlab-runner. Didn't want to create noise with a new issue so I hope this is the right place to ask

I'm unable to login to the forum.gitlab.com using oauth from gitlab.com or github.com. I get to the oauth authorize page, but then the forum returns the error "The software powering this discussion forum encountered an unexpected problem. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Hi, I was wondering if you're planning to run GitLab in containers, how does it replicate the host SSH key between the instances to ensure clients get a consistent host key offered to them?

they are stored in kubernetes secret

Hi Gitlabers, I'm trying to style the commited code from developpers with cs.symfony.com, the code is modified successfully, I commit the changes but when pushing back from the runner I get 403 respone, does anyone have a working tutorial?
Utkarsh Gupta
@soufiene-slimi, d'you have push access to that particular repo?
In other words, if you're trying to push these changes to upstream, you might want to fork the repo, clone, add, commit, push to your fork. And then create a merge request.
Vitaly Krivtsov
Hi, I've just finished work on this template https://github.com/lazyorangejs/staging.lazyorange.xyz . It 's related to Gitlab, EKS and Terraform, and assumed that you are familiar with Gitlab and its integration for Kubernetes. In general, it makes possible to manage Kubernetes cluster in GitOps way. I will be happy to receive feedback to ensure that it has the value and can help you to manage Kubernetes clusters for Gitlab. Thank you in advance 歹
Hi, I am trying to sign up to https://forum.gitlab.com since yesterday, but I did not receive the activation e-mail (I have tried two different e-mails and checked the spam folder). When I try to sign up with GitHub, it ends with HTTP 500 error. Where should I report this? :-)
I'm having the same issue since friday, I reported it here gitlab-org/gitlab#37907 not sure if its the right place though
Oliver Schneider
Does anyone know what the mysterious RELEASE file is which is referenced from the Dockerfile for gitlab-ce? (see here: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/omnibus-gitlab/blob/master/docker/Dockerfile) ... I also looked at a few other branches and the file is nowhere to be found (at least I came up empty-handed). Unfortunately the documentation also makes no mention of it. The reason I am trying this is because I wanted to build my own image using buildah with slight modifications.
Oliver Schneider
assets/setup appears to make use of this file by sourcing it as shell script snippet, but I'm not sure what it's supposed to contain. My guess (from looking at this setup script) is that it's supposed to contain DOWNLOAD_URL and TRIGGER_PRIVATE_TOKEN but that still doesn't give me any clues what the content of these variables is supposed to be ...
Oliver Schneider

Never mind, I found the answer I was looking for. I used podman pull to pull gitlab/gitlab-ce:latest and then looked at RELEASE:


oddly enough that's a hardcoded URL right there. I had worked under the assumption that this uses the same approach as is formalized inside https://packages.gitlab.com/install/repositories/gitlab/gitlab-ee/script.deb.sh ... (which one is supposed to use when setting up Gitlab, including CE, on Ubuntu ...)


Hi all.

I have a repository on a self-hosted gitlab instance. It mirrors a public github repository.

Now, I would like to run a custom pipeline automatically whenever a tag is pulled from the mirrored ("upstream") repository.

Of course, the tags from upstream wouldn't include any .gitlab-ci.yml that I create. Is it possible to run a pipeline based on a .gitlab-ci.yml from a different source than the tag that is pulled?

Tobias Sette
Screenshot from 2019-12-02 14-00-22.png
login is not working on forum.gitlab.com
Also, a few months ago I've noticed that some of my commits were linked to other person. Now I've checked it again and the author has changed again. The repository is import to me because all my passwords are stored on it.
Lee Tickett
can anyone explain how to add the tooltip text to scoped labels?
oh wait, it looks like the tooltip is just the description
hovering over the ? does nothing :)
hi, i was reading about the paid plans of gitlab.com and was wondering if there's any that includes mattermost-based chat, couldn't find one. Thanks!
Dennis Field
@marc0s_gitlab i don't think any include hosted chat, you'd have to integrate with one separately... external mattermost hosting plans ought to be compatible with the notification & slash command integrations, though i don't know if that satisfies your need. i know when i set up gitlab initially, it was with the omnibus docker image & helm chart, and it included an instance of mattermost preconfigured for SSO with the gitlab CE account. awfully convenient and I miss it dearly.