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Bernat Borrás Paronella
Henrik Olsson
So I have another big PR coming, I contains the things I needed for the PocketHub app. So a couple of new clients and added support for Parcelable on the classes i needed
If I have the time that PR will come tomorrow
Stevan Bogosavljević
Hello I wanted to ask can you give me an example code how to get the list of most popular repos sorted by stars through your android sdk
String getMostPopularReposURL = "?q=language:" + programmingLanguage + "&sort=stars&order=desc";RepoSearchClient repoSearchClient = new RepoSearchClient(getApplicationContext(),getMostPopularReposURL);
Is that ok how I started ? Now I don't know how to get the list of Repos from the search client ?
Bernat Borrás Paronella
Ups! Sorry, didn't seen the chat for a long time
@stevyhacker do you still need this information?
Dark Night
Is there a way to root SM-A5W00
Without comp
Bernat Borrás Paronella
that's not the scope of this room
hey guys! I've just started to work with SDK and I have a question: where can I see the guidelines for it? I mean, GithubAndroidSdk, not GitHub API
Bernat Borrás Paronella
Hi @AzretMagometov. What do you mean with Guiderlines? To improve it? Or to use?
Subhasmith Thapa
Hi there !!
Can anybody help me with how to connect to the Github API in an Android APP?
Bernat Borrás Paronella
Hi, what problems do you have?
If you will use as a single user, use TokenProvider.set...
If you plan to have users, then get token from them, and use TokenProvider
Shubham Batra
anyone available?
Bernat Borrás Paronella
Hi shubham
Shubham Batra
Hi @alorma
I need some help regarding github android api
I want my app to have login via github feature
So how should I go about it?
Bernat Borrás Paronella
there's many people that needs github login integration...
i will upload a different library today, just with the Login helpers
Shubham Batra
Thanks @alorma
It would be very useful if you could also upload some kind of tutorial about how to do it
Ahmed Ezzat
any one here now ?
guys i'm completely new for using the GitHub SDK
i want to start using it how
How do I download github sdk
hello can anybody tell me the steps on how to login with github with this sdk for android and get url of profile
Vahid Akhtar
can anybody tell me please.how to integrate github login in android application?