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Shekhar Ramola
this issue is also getting fixed if I do font-variant-ligatures: none; but I am afraid this will might have the side effect.
What could be the source of this problem & how should I resolve it so that it doesn't create any side effect

Hello everyone! I have two questions:

  1. Can a RabbitMQ Kube cluster be managed through ArgoCD? I fail to find any resources or discussions on this subject. Makes me feel like everyone in the world knows something obvious that I'm missing.
  2. Since I am already using Argo with RabbitMQ, I found out that every time something gets commited in GIT for Argo, regardless of the app, it makes the RabbitMQ pods to restart/rebuild and a new controllerrevision gets created and attached to the cluster. Is there any way to stop this? I wouldn't want messages to get lost every time a colleague commits a change on whatever other app we have in Argo.

I think that this is due to the rolling update strategy we have on RMQ. Can we keep it and address the second point in some other way?

Thank you in advance!

Hi, i have a question about run an extension using c# on chromium
for example using chrome extension on pdf

Hi can anyone me help how to align this flex-wrap div, its always breaking into another line when i tried to wrap this divs.


Julian Gonggrijp
@jennifer27love What is the thing you're trying to change, the fact that the <h1> breaks on the spaces, or the fact that it doesn't break within the very long testestest word?
Hey guys would anyone be interested in a Blockchain Engineer position?
Looking for someone who has experience with solidity.
Roni Dover
Wanted to share a blog post I wrote, really interested to hear your thoughts. The TLDR is that DevOps is currently missign Continuous Feedback, but that it is something we can get to soon.
$sql="SELECT * FROMcovid_pass";
$sql="SELECT * FROM covid_pass";
the "``" are around the table name it doesn't display
Julian Gonggrijp
@liamdoch The initial $sql=" part and the final "; part look like PHP code, but it seems that those parts are being passed to MySQL for some reason. Basically, you appear to sending the right code to the wrong interpreter. PHP should take the double-quoted part, i.e., SELECT * FROM covid_pass, and send only that to MySQL.
I'm having nightmares dealing with organization PRs merge vs rebase from dev to main and other stuff... is there a room for git/github help or should I post here
Deepesh Kumar R
Guys any idea on how to search something in a gitter room?
Julian Gonggrijp
@TesterZeus You're welcome to ask your git and github questions here. Nearly everyone in here has to deal with those.
@Deepesh316 There is a search function inside Gitter. Click on the magnifying glass icon to see it.
Deepesh Kumar R
@jgonggrijp Thanks but we cannot search for a specific term inside a room right?
Mayank Aggarwal
Soon will start sharing some dev related stuff🎉
Julian Gonggrijp
@Deepesh316 Just try it.
is it okay to share my game in here? https://bloodblaze.io :D
(works primarily on mobile, but just made it work on desktop)
you move with WASD or the arrow keys, and shoot with the mouse. on mobile you have two virtual joysticks
Julian Gonggrijp
It's OK to share it. :-) It can use some polishing but it seems to work perfectly well.
Deepesh Kumar R
@jgonggrijp yes i tried it with one search query and its not in the result, but actually there in the room..

Hey guys, I am having a little trouble with moment. I have a string that is displayed as UTC.

example: 2021-10-19T10:22:32Z

This isn't actually UTC though it is German timezone. How do I tell moment to treat it as a German time and not as UTC?

Julian Gonggrijp
@Deepesh316 try "one search query" and wait what happens.
@to-nbecker Have you tried searching the web? I get lots of results that look like they might be useful. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=moment.js+time+zone
Hello there, I am looking to hire a Blockchain Engineer
Would anyone in this chat have interest?
2 replies
Is there any faucet which sends more KETH. I need 2 KETH for deployment
Hi @BloomBreYT_twitter I am interested in your job. I have good experience in Blockchain development and DeFi.
Hello guys please i tried creating a new file on remix.ethereum.org but its not working and the contract code i copied from consensys in github to paste in remix.ethereum refused to paste. The Remix IDE am seeing on tutorials is different from the one in my laptop what do i do.
Julian Gonggrijp
@awajimimin Your question is welcome in here, but this is a general developer talk room. You might have more luck asking in one of the ethereum-specific rooms, such as https://gitter.im/ethereum/welcome.
@xgen-subhash Have you tried copy-pasting that error into your favorite web search engine? Seems like it might turn up quite a few useful results. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=typeorm+RepositoryNotFoundError%3A+No+repository+for+%22User%22
Artak Avetyan
Are there rooms for developer based on programming language skills?
P.S. Maybe i'm the 100.000-th who asked same question. Sorry for that, just joined gitter and trying to figure out how the things work.
Julian Gonggrijp
@aregtech The way to find out whether a room exists for any particular topic is to use the search function (with the magnifying glass icon, probably the top left of the window if you're using the web client). That said, by "programming language skill", do you primarily mean "programming language" or "skill"?
Artak Avetyan
@jgonggrijp To keep short, I'd like to know are there developers that search to join C++ project. I tried to use tags and search function, but it didn't help much. And it seems that it does not show all communities. I need to learn how things work here.
Julian Gonggrijp
@aregtech I'm not sure. What gave you the impression that not all communities are shown?
Artak Avetyan
@jgonggrijp well, maybe I'm wrong. i tried to search communities by c++ keyword and it gave me very few (see screenshot). I thought, maybe it does not list all, because it is written "+94K communities"
Julian Gonggrijp
@aregtech That actually looks better than what I'm able to find myself. I can't judge whether those results you got are all of them, but when I try, I get only six results. I haven't used Gitter's search function much, so I can't comment on how it works exactly.
Julian Gonggrijp
@aregtech I've asked about it in the support room over here: :point_up: 25 oktober 2021 17:51
Artak Avetyan
@jgonggrijp thank you very much!
Julian Gonggrijp
@aregtech In case you didn't see it, I got an answer. You were doing keyword exploration, which is distinct from search. It's also a subset rather than the full set. It's limited to 50 hits.
Artak Avetyan
@jgonggrijp Thank you very much. I've seen the conversation.
What is the best language to start coding?
Julian Gonggrijp
"Best" is subjective and depends on personal circumstances and preferences. If you're looking for a suggestion, though, I suggest Python or JavaScript. Python is friendly to beginners but also fit for professional productivity. JavaScript works natively in browsers, so you don't need to install any new software and you can get tinkering with graphical user interfaces very quickly (if you add HTML).
hey i have some code that is not working