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Hello Everyone
I want to install appium on Ubuntu 20.04
Please help me
Amit Prasad
Hi Guys
Any one here aware of this issue in apache-kafka : Timeout of 60000ms expired before the position for partition qa-customer-universal-payload-8 could be determined
@jgonggrijp Thanks for feedback
Julian Gonggrijp
@Vicky45Dev Welcome.
Fintan Moloney
Hi. Trying to set python in my env vars. It doesn't seem to be working tho' when I try to pip install. Is this correct?
Hello, I am just starting with Java and have this problem. I am fetching an API with an array filled with objects, I want to create links from the data in the array that links to a detail.html file and show more information about the object the user clicked. i have spent the whole weekend trying to figure this out. please help :)
Julian Gonggrijp
@Bjonne696 Please make your question specific.
I have fetched an API wich is an array of 24 objects. I have populated a HTML file with the names of these objects, and want to create links on these. Then I want the user to be sent to a new HTML page with where I want to display more properties of the chosen object. I dont know how to create the links from the result I have fetched, and I am looping through the array to display the names.
4 replies
Soumyajit Samanta
Oh yes you have a java backend already with one endpoint for the whole list of product, you create one more which takes product id and returns details for only that product. Then if you add link to each of the products to something like /details.html?id=1 maybe or if possible /details/1 and that page should make call to your new endpoint passing the 1. Very difficult in plain js but easy in vue.
To add links to product page create <a href="./details/1> in forEach.
@samanta.soumyajit:matrix.org thank you for reply!
Nick Pick
Do anyone know which is the right place to get work as a individual developer ?
Julian Gonggrijp
@nick-222_gitlab I don't think there is a place that is "right" for everyone. Broadly speaking, I think these are your main options, and they're all valid if they appeal to you:
  • Take interviews in order to (eventually) get hired at a company.
  • Find a company that will hire you for a while via an employment agency.
  • Find a client, one project at a time, through websites like https://www.upwork.com (there are more websites like that one).
  • Make yourself a website and offer your service as an independent business.
You can combine these options.
I want to put google ads in my Website. How can i do it?
1 reply
How can i made ubuntu touch os for my own device
DEVICE : GALAXY J5 2015 ( J500F )
Jeff Sidhu
First time in Gitter
1 reply
this place is pretty cool
Good evening, everybody
Jeff Sidhu
Good evening
Are you all from different countries?
9 replies
Yogesh Dubey
How to import existence database inside PostgreSQL using GUI
3 replies
Hello everyone, this is Anmol Jain .I am first year Student and pursuing my b.tech in Computer Science Engineering from Vellore Institute Of Technology . I have knowledge of HTML,CSS, Javascript, NodeJS ,and python also , I am a new to open source contribution but interested in contributing, Can any guide me on how to get started with this ? Thanks in Advance.
Julian Gonggrijp
@anmol0409 Have you recently used any open source library that you thought was worth it, but which could use a little bug fix or maybe a small extra feature? That would be a natural way to start.
Jeff Sidhu
Find the repo on GitHub check on the repo, change the code and submit a PR
If it’s good, they will merge into the code base
A thread of free public APIs that you can use for your next project
Fintan Moloney
Downloaded Py2 to WSL, still won't recognise program when I pre-fix it with python <programName>.py. How can I fix this?
6 replies
I want to know the server maintenance cost of famous apps
Mayank Aggarwal

Amegma is an open source gaming organization that I am building, and Space invaders inspired by the original Atari space invaders is its first game built using pygame which is a Python library.

Code: https://github.com/Amegma/Space-Invaders
Star it if you like it, would appreciate it.

Would love to hear feedbacks from all of you

Reach out to me -

Asfakhusen Ghanchi
can someone help me to set zoom level depend on NE co-oridnates and SW co-ordinates ?

my code is like this

<MapboxGL.Camera zoomLevel={zoomLevel} centerCoordinate={getCenterCoordinates(array of events)} animationMode={animationMode} followUserLocation={false} bounds={{ ne: getSwCoordinates(array of events), sw: getNeCoordinates(array of events), paddingLeft: 100, paddingRight: 100, paddingTop: 100, paddingBottom: 100 }} />

Seif Eddine Slimene
Hello guys,
I have a form where some users can enter up to three emails to invite friends to the website.
I have a technical question, how can I prevent someone from somehow using malicious code to send thousands of emails (instead of up to three).
PS: this website is built with React.js.
Hi @SeifESlimene , what is your site url?
Julian Gonggrijp
@SeifESlimene That's a very broad question, because the ways in which attackers might abuse your site depend on many factors. I suggest searching for security tutorials on the web.
0xidkcrypto.eth | Π–πŸ¦‡πŸ”Š

Rules said just ask, so here we go: Anyone here a smart contract dev who is looking for work in a DAO?

Would like to hear from you!

@0x_idkcrypto_twitter Hi, I am a Smart contract developer who have rich experience in Solidity, Rust, Web3.js, Ether.js, Truffle. Looking forward to hearing from you.
0xidkcrypto.eth | Π–πŸ¦‡πŸ”Š
@fairdev9610 Ive sent you a DM :)

Hi everyone, I have created an empty file, named program. I am trying to write using CFS. But file is not located.

define FILENAME "program"

struct file *file;
if(file == NULL) {
printf("\ Failed to locate file\n");
return -1;