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Usama Alaa
How i create chatbot with angular without using dialogflow or firebase
Julian Gonggrijp
@usamagamea That's a combination of two very broad questions. I suggest just making a start with either Angular or a chatbot, and ask a more specific question when you get stuck.

JavaScript - 000 - #Baseline


improvements and suggestions highly appreciated ❤️


4 replies
How to create an communication in gitter.im for a repo of an org in github?
it is not listed
(I'm not good at English...
Julian Gonggrijp
@KermanX There is documentation over here. If you are using the web app, you can find that page by clicking on your account avatar in the very top right of the window. This frequently asked question in particular might be relevant.
Thanks a lot.
I found that actually I've already added access, but for some reason, it didn't refreshed that day.
Thanks again
Naik Mohammad Noori
Hello dear engineers
I am new here from Afghanistan
1 reply
hello dears developers
can i ask why make responseType:blob in options http request ?
2 replies
any idea of this error, When I am trying to rebuild after migrate V6 to V10
Amit Prasad
Hi Everyone ,
Need some suggestions here : I am designing an API where i have a filter based on start time and end time , where should i filter the record , is it on the controller or service ?
1 reply
PS: I'm using Akka-http
Hi. Is there a way to get cookies attribute such as domain, duration of a website using code?. All i could find is get the cookie name and its value. i want other attributes as well. is there any library or solution for this?
Ankit Joshi
error while creating pool : cannot estimate gas; transaction may fail or may require manual gas limit code 32000
Hi Everyone, I am using Contiki 3.0. I used printf("[%-4s: %-10s] Packet Send : %d\n","INFO","Packet", uip_stat.ip.sent); But I am getting error " undeclared uip_stat. first use in this function". I followed this link https://sourceforge.net/p/contiki/mailman/message/36306290/ to remove the error but it is not helping me. Do anyone know about the error.
This message was deleted
3 replies
Julian Gonggrijp
merry code-mas everyone :christmas_tree:


this is simple attribute validation for PHP Models, based on the new features, presented in PHP 8 It works as a standalone and can be use in custom projects or in libraries like Symfony and Laravel.
Any feedback, recommendations and support are welcome and will be well appreciated :)


I want to know how an already existing parent is removed in RPL? If a parent is suspicious, then child node needs to change the parent if suspicious node is already its parent.

I have followed this link https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52170953/how-to-forward-data-packets-through-an-alternative-path-via-an-alternative-paren?rq=1 It is not removing already present parent and nodes are still using it as parent. Please help me doing so. Thanks in advance.

dear developers, have some of you already developed an api to amazon for exporting/importing products and got the problem, not to know which parameter have to be filled with information for the new change in the law on electrical appliances from 01/01/2022?
hi coders I just want to know how i can develop a cross platform application
1 reply
junaid bashir
hello guys , is it feasible in the long term to build your entire backend powered by cloud flare workers ???
Hi. Is there a way to get cookies attribute such as domain, duration of a website using code?. All i could find is get the cookie name and its value. i want other attributes as well. is there any library or solution for this?
Julian Gonggrijp
@Srinath-V-S Which programming language?
For JavaScript at least, there is js-cookie.
5 replies

Hi coders, Ajax request keeps getting cancelled when i click the footer links of the site. Code goes like this

$('ul.footer-links li a').click(function(e) 
        var toolName = $(this).prop('textContent');     
         track(toolName,{ description:'Footer link clicked'});

i'm collecting link clicks here and track executes an xhr request behind the scenes. Issue is when i click the link it loads the new page and request gets cancelled. How can i solve this?. I tried using event.preventDefault() request went through but the link won't open as it prevents the default action. How can i solve this?

Julian Gonggrijp
@Srinath-V-S prevent the default, submit your xhr, wait for the response and then trigger loading of the new page from your code.
2 replies
That, or just don't interfere with the click and register the action at the server side instead.
shyam kumar
hi i m new here
actually i am new to coding. what is the best language to start with first?
Julian Gonggrijp
@shyamkumarreal_twitter Language choice is subjective. If you're looking for a suggestion, I suggest either Python (which is very beginner-friendly but also very professional-friendly) or JavaScript (which is very useful because it works in all browsers, has a low barrier to tinkering with UI and also makes it possible to customize web pages that you frequently visit). However, I wouldn't say either of those is "best"; that really depends on many factors.
If you already have a preference of your own, by all means go with that.
Hello Julian gonggrijp
I'll love to have word with you
Julian Gonggrijp
@OLA1103 please go ahead!
To everyone: happy new year!
The company I am working for wants me to get a couple certificates with everything payed by them. I am in the position where I can select one that I might find useful.
Currently If I am to take a certificate I would like something that would feed into my Angular experience (currently working as a junior Angular dev).
Any suggestions?
Can windows media element control do any kind of force alignment / interactive syncronized text?
philippe MEYER
Nothing to ask, just lurking around ;-)
I'm in the .NET C# + Jquery + Bootstrap ecosystem with some reactjs slowly getting in the team's stack
I love js
Let see if an old dev can fit in
1 reply
Philippe Meyer
Welle there is nobody in this room