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shyam kumar
hi i m new here
actually i am new to coding. what is the best language to start with first?
Julian Gonggrijp
@shyamkumarreal_twitter Language choice is subjective. If you're looking for a suggestion, I suggest either Python (which is very beginner-friendly but also very professional-friendly) or JavaScript (which is very useful because it works in all browsers, has a low barrier to tinkering with UI and also makes it possible to customize web pages that you frequently visit). However, I wouldn't say either of those is "best"; that really depends on many factors.
If you already have a preference of your own, by all means go with that.
Hello Julian gonggrijp
I'll love to have word with you
Julian Gonggrijp
@OLA1103 please go ahead!
To everyone: happy new year!
The company I am working for wants me to get a couple certificates with everything payed by them. I am in the position where I can select one that I might find useful.
Currently If I am to take a certificate I would like something that would feed into my Angular experience (currently working as a junior Angular dev).
Any suggestions?
Can windows media element control do any kind of force alignment / interactive syncronized text?
philippe MEYER
Nothing to ask, just lurking around ;-)
I'm in the .NET C# + Jquery + Bootstrap ecosystem with some reactjs slowly getting in the team's stack
I love js
Let see if an old dev can fit in
1 reply
Philippe Meyer
Welle there is nobody in this room
Julian Gonggrijp
Hi @Ayaan-A @qingyezi1_twitter @Commensalism1997 :wave:
This message was deleted
hello everyone
does anyone know how to simulate a usb device
Julian Gonggrijp

@gzbakku I have never done that myself and I don't know any details, but if I remember correctly, unixy systems (Linux, macOS, and so forth) represent devices as files in the filesystem (generally in /dev/). Windows might or might not be doing the same in the case of USB. Given a device-as-file approach, you should theoretically be able to point the program to a regular file on disk that you prepared for the purpose (or something like a pipe if you want to do real-time test interaction), rather than to an actual USB device.

This is all rather abstract and I realize it's not much to go on, but hopefully this will still give you some extra leads to base your web search on.

Manish Tiwari
I need help with linking R and asymptote. I basically wish to visualize my asymptote output files in R.
Mainak Chhari
any flutter hobbyists in the house?
Julian Gonggrijp
@mainakchhari https://dontasktoask.com
Mainak Chhari
@jgonggrijp I wanted to know if people would be interested in working on an opensource flutter based MongoDB client application for MacOS/Linux platform. Sort of like a Robo 3T replacement (since Robo suxx on MacOS; high CPU usage)
https://dontasktoask.com/ doesn't apply though in hindsight I could've expanded more. I am new here and expected a more humane interaction, like how a conversation goes :)
Julian Gonggrijp

@mainakchhari Sorry for coming across as stiff. Of course this place is meant for having humane conversations.

That said, dontasktoask.com does apply. If you open with only "any X <experts/hobbyists/fans/doctors/etcetera> in the room?", no matter your reason for opening in that way, you are unlikely to get any response. dontasktoask.com explains why that is the case.

We keep having to explain this to people, which is why my explanation has reduced to just the link at this point. Based on your response, though, I realize I have probably abstracted the response too much. I'll make sure to add a few more words next time.

By the way, I'm not sure why you're adding "\help" every time, but as far as I know it has no special meaning in here.
Hello. Has anyone a recommendation for a workstation to develop software? I am planning to use software from Jetbrains (Datagrip, Webstorm, etc), Adobe (Illustrator, PS, XD, etc). But Im also planning to learn Artificial intelligence, maybe play some games like fortnite, running virtual machines, and all of that. Would It be a good Idea to build my own station ? I was considering to buy a used dell server because they have "powerful" processors, I don't have a lot of money right now :(
Julian Gonggrijp
@Heriberto-Juarez I'm planning to build myself an ARM Linux PC based on the SolidRun HoneyComb. That should have the processing power required for the tasks you're describing (if you choose a suitable GPU), though I suspect not all of the software you mentioned would be able to run on it (Jetbrains, AI and virtual machines should be possible, but Adobe and fortnite might not). I also realize it's a bit of an exotic suggestion, anyway. It's the only suggestion I have though. Feel free to ignore. :-)
@jgonggrijp Sounds interesting. I think something similar but with a graphics card will be good for my needs.
greater than and less than is not working in if function through raw php.
Julian Gonggrijp
@Hybrid71 I added indentation and syntax highlighting to make your code more readable (and dropped the final empty <?php ?>):
$percent_status_result="SELECT percent FROM retailer WHERE account_no='$retailer_number'";
if($result55->num_rows > 0){
    while($row55 = $result55->fetch_assoc()){
        $percent = $row55['percent'];
if($percent >= 1.4 && $percent < 3){
}else {
<h1><?php echo "$percent_status"; ?></h1>
You can do this yourself by putting your code between code fences like this:
// your code here
I'm not used to PHP, but does $retailer_number actually get interpolated in your query? I doubt that the problem is in the < or > operators.
Anybody who have experiences with "amazon-sp-api"?
I need someone who is interested in amazon-sp-api(node.js) project.
I have already implemented it on node.js project but need some functional things to get needed lists from amazon mws.
This is simple but need some great experiences in amazon-mws.
can i somehow simplify (a === b || c === d) ?
Julian Gonggrijp
@bruns6077_gitlab in the general case, I don't think so. Isn't that already simple enough, though?
I don't think you can simplify that
@VS-star Im a node.js developer but I don't have experience with apazon-sp-api
Hello.!!...anyone GSOC mentor here ? Or participated in previous GSoC program ??
what does GSOC stand for?
Julian Gonggrijp
@fastfir "Google summer of code"