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Daniel Nicolai
Hi all! In short... How can I retrieve messages in/from a thread using the REST API?
I am trying to use gitter's REST API, but I am unable to find how to "GET" messages from a thread. I have found here how to get messages from a room by using the 'subresource' chatMessages. However, I have not found some 'subresource' for getting the thread messages from a message. Do you know how to retrieve them? Also, it would be really great if you had some advice how I could find such things out myself (if possible at all). Many thanks!
Isiah cloyd
Cant use a sub source on chat messages. Because its your phone only.
This is for development, most systems are on timers
Daniel Nicolai
@Ziahcloyd31 This was an answer to my question?
I have found the answer in the meantime by inspecting the source of the webapp...
So to get the thread messages we can use the subresource thread of the message its parentID
See here
Hi all! I want to develop a url shortner tool. How do i go about this?.
1 reply
Hi! Who is from Canada, Toronto?
Isiah cloyd
Isiah cloyd
Was parent id ever found cause system shows full and then like 1/9
Rammy Aly
is it possible to write an OS using only C or C++?
What is UNIX?
Isiah cloyd
Linux and like systems
Aditya Gupta
@itsrxmmy Yes 'mostly' AFAIK. But there are some parts which require more finer control, say for example bios interrupts, being exactly sure how much stack space is taken by something etc. are 'generally' done in Assembly, i don't know if you can do it in C, but then again you will likely have to use 30 gcc flags instead of 20 lines of assembly in some cases (just an example), so assembly is good there.
Linux (atleast the first version by Linus) in C. Serenity in C++, Redox in Rust... Note all are 'mostly' in one language, each of these uses assembly (& linker scripts if you count them) too
Zouheir Barhoumi
I know that c and c++ are mainly used in low level programming but is there any use case for higher level software where c/c++ give an advantage over other more popular languages?
Julian Gonggrijp
Speed plus very high expressive power, in the specific case of C++.
And also, since both are old languages, there is a lot of support for them in terms of libraries and tools.
Isiah cloyd
All skill
C++ that main person died
Hello everyone, I use TI cc2650 Launchpad with contiki-ng and i need to encrypt a client packet (rpl-udp example) using aesccm ...any suggentions or directions how to do it?...
Hello everyone, I'm looking to scrape all the posts + comments (including wrapped comments), likes and potentially other info (e.g., story reshare, saved post, etc) of (1) a specific Instagram profile and (2) the search results from a hashtag. I've only been able to obtain the maim posts without the comments so far. Could anyone help me out? This is for academic research purposes. Thanks a lot :)
Saqib Nadeem
Numpy installation problem
Kanha soft

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Hello everyone!!....Do here anyone knows about AI modulated SMG (smart medico glasses) ???
Pleasee let me know if anyone knows
Hi. java -version and javac -version returns different java version resulting in java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Unsupported major.minor version.
javac -version returns java8 whereas java version returns java11. I want javac to return java8. How to fix this?.
anyone know how to Deploy Docker Image with Jenkins on Heroku
pls help me
I am new to gitter
Julian Gonggrijp
Welcome to gitter @Sydefix :wave:
Seif Eddine Slimene
Nikhil Bishnoi
Hey im new to gitter
I want to become a Android developer show me the best way,Thank you
Seif Eddine Slimene
hello, i am looking for the room token of a room i created, does anyone know how to find this?
1 reply
Thanks @jgonggrijp
Quan Truong
Hey anyone doing work with Smart Contracts and Web3?
Quan Truong
@InternetUnexplorer Wow
@InternetUnexplorer I do not know if you are still active here. But I used to speak with you a bit back in 2017. Good to see you!
Nish Vamadevan
Hello everyone
Ahmad Solahuddin Zubir
Hello world