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Nish Vamadevan
Hello everyone
Ahmad Solahuddin Zubir
Hello world
Julian Gonggrijp
Hi @Solahuddin_gitlab :wave:
and @nish_gitlab
Is there a way in Contiki to check whether a node is child node? for example node 2 gets DIO from node 3. How can node 2 know that node 3 is only a neighbor or it is its child node?

Hi, I have trouble to hosting a page. I faced with this message , How should I fix this problem?

"Page Not Found
Looks like you've followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn't exist on this site.

Back to our site

If this is your site, and you weren't expecting a 404 for this path, please visit Netlify's "page not found" support guide for troubleshooting tips."

and @nish_gitlab
test 111

test 111


and @nish_gitlab


Made an app . What do you think ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kog4lPUbtnk
Julian Gonggrijp
@JomoPipi funny and well made!
1 reply
Valance ((🎩, 🎩),(#WGMI,#WGMI)) 🐸πŸ’ͺ
Hi community, Is there a verified & popular mobile app to decide whom to start the first conversation in crypto about. If, there isn't, then, which is the best place to find someone who wants to make this app and make money from it together. Nice to connect. This sort of space is really great to connect. I can visualise this as a metaverse app on our phone with our own hardware. Thanks.
Ehsan Amini
Hi everyone! I'm trying to clone a repo from Github. I'm on Windows 10 and I use a VPN to connect to the Internet via LT2P. The VPN client, shows a list of servers whose IP addresses vary everytime. I can connect to GitHub via WSL terminal, but when I try to do it with GitGui or Github Desktop I get an error: Unsupported proxy syntax in ' '. I have tried to set and unset the http.proxy and https.proxy with git config --global. Initially there were two environment variables HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY which were empty, I unset them too and they don't appear in the list of environments anymore. This didn't solve the problem. I should note that I get the same error regardless of whether I am connected to the VPN server or not, and whether the VPN client is running or not. I would appreciate your advice.
Is Anyone Here A Visual Studio Developer?
Julian Gonggrijp
@RafCodes-del Please just ask your question regardless of whether anyone in here is a VS developer.
Julian Gonggrijp
@hsyalparslan Please just ask your questions. Maybe also explain what dropshipping is (and how your approach is different), because I've never heard of that.
hello i am trying to connect my own gitter server to my own gitlab domain, i dont know where to change this configuration, help me
Wang Shidong
which client do you use for gitter?
Tijani Habeebullahi KENNYOLOGY
I am happy to join this community
1 reply
Hello Everyone! I really need to get started
I am looking for collaborators to work on some research papers with me. I have never done any before
Julian Gonggrijp
Hi @riseanshu :wave: Perhaps give a general description of what your project is about (or what you'd like it to be about). That might motivate some people to reach for their keyboards.
It will be about ML, NLP, and AI
hi guys, we're organizing this hackathon, https://lev.zone/hackathon/ check it out if you are interested!
Good morning guys
How can I delete a repository on Github using mobile device please?
Julian Gonggrijp
@Maxwell2388 I don't know whether there is a way directly, but github always allows you to request the desktop version, so in any case you can try that.
Hi to everyone! I hope you're having a good day/evening
I am a newbie Android developer currently learning Kotlin and having considerable knowledge in Java. I've built some apps, all of which can be saw on my GitHub. Anyways, right now I need some help.
I want to start freelancing, but I am not sure whether I have the right skillset to become a freelancer. Certainly, I can make interesting apps using image loading libraries, Retrofit and Jetpack Libraries, but still I know that I need to master some more skills.
How to understand that I have enough skills to be a freelancer? Is it possible to be a freelancer if you have no prior experience, but only pet projects? Is there any freelancer who can become my mentor or give me some tasks to do for money?
(right now I am not in the best financial situation, I need to help my family. They lost their jobs, as everyone in our country :( )
(I will be so glad to receive some respond! Thanks to everyone in advance! )
Julian Gonggrijp


Is it possible to be a freelancer if you have no prior experience, but only pet projects?

Every developer has to start at zero. :-)

As with any task, there is no need to know "everything" before you start. Generally you learn the most useful things while already on the job. The one thing to accept is that when you look back later at the first few things you did, you'll realize you could have done much better. That's just progress.

I'm not experienced at freelancing myself and I don't know the details of your specific situation, but if you already have some prior knowledge, you want to start and your financial situation is asking for it, then everything seems to point to "start now".

If you have a more specific question, please don't hesitate to ask that.

Hey, would someone like to help me with a project? My little brother loves Plants VS Zombies, so I want to make a game for him that's sort of like PvZ. The project is in node.js and if you want to help, here's the link to the repl https://replit.com/join/adxxedbyhc-waffledragon86
Ayz Pat
Hi guys, I am using exifr to fetch the details of the image . The gps details in particular are reflecting when uploaded from the laptop , but when I use an android phone - version 11+ , the gps data is nulll . [using same image in both cases]. , I found there is some manifest allow-media-location but I am unable to set it using javascript . a suggestion or solution will be really grateful... I am using a normal html css web site for the same(not an android app)


I'm not experienced at freelancing myself and I don't know the details of your specific situation, but if you already have some prior knowledge, you want to start and your financial situation is asking for it, then everything seems to point to "start now".

Well, maybe, you could recommend me some freelance services that you've heard of. I know that you are not a freelancer, but at least you may have some friend, who is into it. I've heard of UpWork, but as far as I know you need to pay 10$ to just get an order and work for it, but I don't even have that much of spare money. Are there some free options when it comes to freelancing services?
I feel terribly sorry for a late reply, I just wasn't notified of your answer.

Thuc Le


I've heard of UpWork, but as far as I know you need to pay 10$ to just get an order and work for it, but I don't even have that much of spare money.

I've worked on Upwork for a while (Free plan). They used an internal currency called connects. It costs around 2-6 connects every time you apply for a job. Every month you get 10 free connects (for Free plan) and every time you reply to a message from clients, you get 10 free connects. You can also buy extra connects if you want. When you first register on the site, I think you get a couple tens free connects too.

So you don't necessarily have to pay to get a job. You can try now and see how things go with the free connects you have. It's maybe hard to get started with limited number of proposals you can submit and when you don't have any reviews yet, so you should not rely on Upwork. Try to look for opportunities from different platforms/sources at the same time.

Thanks very much. Are you looking for developers in Kuwait City? Maybe you will get more resumes if you post your vacancy notice at https://layboard.in/vacancies/jobs-in-kuwait that serves to attract applicants from India and the Gulf countries. If you just ask people one by one, I am afraid it will take too much time to find the right candidate.
Good morning from Lagos. I'm a beginner and I need quite alot of task I can do to learn and relearn on html and css. Does anyone here has task I can work on to practice more???
1 reply
Alexander Badrishvili
I've been trying to follow the tutorial for strating to develop Jenkins plugins but I either get failing tests (6 of them in particular) or I simply while changing the jdk version from 8 (default) to 11 I get various strange errors. Can anyone pm me to guide me a little bit on whats what?
Conner Coder
So im working on an anvanced calculator in C++, is there a way that i could std::cin And they put in a data set such as 9, 17, 15, 16, 19, 19, 19 and thou output would be 19 appears 3 time or something?
1 reply
Shahrukh Khan
hi guys
i am new here = noob
Miroslav Pejic

Hey developers! I want to share with you MiroTalk.

MiroTalk is an Open-Source Self Hosted WebRTC, Simple, Secure, Scalable, Fast Real-Time Video Conferences Up to 4k and 60fps, compatible with all browsers and platforms.

MiroTalk P2P

GitHub: https://github.com/miroslavpejic85/mirotalk
Demo: https://mirotalk.up.railway.app/ or https://mirotalk.herokuapp.com

MiroTalk SFU

GitHub: https://github.com/miroslavpejic85/mirotalksfu
Demo: https://sfu.mirotalk.org

Any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you and have a good weekend!