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Justin Rogers
Good evening, I'm looking for a non-profit job where I can develop my skills on coding as an front-end developer,can anyone suggest me what to do?
Julian Gonggrijp
@Mariona98 What exactly do you mean by a "non-profit job"? Do you want to work as a volunteer, or work for a non-profit org but still get paid?
I mean as a volunteer.
i need help how to do appnium?
1 reply
Julian Gonggrijp
@Mariona98 Alright, so what kind of "front-end coding skills" would you like to train? Building user interfaces? Maybe just JavaScript in general? Would helping to maintain open source libraries that are often used in front-end applications appeal to you?
Aman Agnihotri
Hi, I need help with an event trigger.
I want to call my child component's function on click of drawer-menu which is the part of another(outer) component. Can anyone help me on that??

Hey developers,
I've created two repos to demonstrate create and deploy a spring application with some good practices
https://github.com/Raghav2211/spring-web-flux-todo-app <-- A simple spring boot todo application with cloud gateway+google-oauth2 & config server
https://github.com/Raghav2211/todo-app-infra <-- IAC code to deploy this application on local & AWS environment (some things are WIP) but scaffolding is almost ready
Please let me know you your thoughts & suggestions(share if you found something useful in your area)


Francisco Maria Calisto

Hello guys, I am working with AI for medical imaging diagnosis. If you want, you can find my work here:


Hey developers, I am a self taught .Net developer just started learning from 3 years (started when I was in 8th class now I am in 12th ), but I think I haven't learned everything in right manner, I just directly got into Winform, WPF, and UWP but recently I came to know about various things like MVVM, MVC, Data Structures and algorithms, Object Oriented Analysis, UML, SOLID principles, etc. These things gave me idea that there is a systematic approach of developing software. Please if you have a little time, I would like to have a little chat about software development and what should I learn before directly developing a software. You can contact me here :
Gmail : lfoster379@gmail.com
WhatsApp : +91 91300 82535
Discord : Leo Foster#3769
Chirag Hegde
I recently discovered this innovative platform called 'Daisi', where you can deploy serverless python functions which can be reused in a matter of minutes. All one has to do is install their python library, instantiate the 'Daisi object' and call the functions with no hassles of installing packages and setting up environments. (Really great use-case for people without the technical know-how of installing complex packages, setting up ML models, etc).
soul0101's Daisies
It would be fantastic if you all could play around with the daisies I created and star them if you like them!
(Feedback is always appreciated)
Hello Devs, I am looking to publish a release on github which requires git lfs. Do you know how to publish a release that includes the large files stored in git lfs? Right now it just provides a skeleton of the data not the actual git lfs blobs. I googled for a long time before coming here and came up short.
Gavin Wood
I don't see "http://remix.ethereum.org".I see "This challenge page was accidentally cached by an intermediary and is no longer available." help me
Julian Gonggrijp
@chrlschwb This room is not specific to ethereum. You might want to try one of the more specific rooms such as https://gitter.im/ethereum/welcome
I can help you
Fintan Moloney
Any idea why this won't remove the file called 'nil'?
cd /home/fintan/text_files | rm nil rm: cannot remove 'nil': No such file or directory
The file is there when I 'ls.'
Julian Gonggrijp
@Josebuendia does rm /home/fintan/text_files/nil work?
Fintan Moloney
@jgonggrijp Yes, thanks.
Clóvis Wichoski
Having a project where on GIT (bitbucket) had many repos, many branches, commits and pull requests. How I can get a list of all files changed, to make a patch, based on the commit comment that have the issue id?
BlockChain & Web developer
Hi, I am a full stack web and blockchain developer. Is there any project for me to do?
Muhammad Majid
Hi, I want to learn wordpress skills please guide me with this. Here i have created this site on my own please check it out.
Hi guys, need some assistance with css (chrome).
it seems that by default with <!doctype html> body has fixed width equal to window.innerWidth.
my question is how to make body flexible?
example pic:
also, document.body.getBoundingClientRect() returns "strange values"
bottom: 229.1428680419922,
height: 221.1428680419922,
left: -106.28572082519531,
right: 472.0000457763672,
top: 8,
width: 578.2857666015625, // why? body has child element with 800px width
x: -106.28572082519531,
y: 8,
width: fit-content seems to work
actually min-width: fit-content
Hello body, I'm here to get talent on bash scripting and linux skill.
Julian Gonggrijp
Good luck @NorClub !
Jitter is when there is a time delay in the sending of these data packets over your network connection. This is often caused by network congestion, and sometimes route changes. Essentially, the longer data packets take to arrive, the more jitter can negatively impact the video and audio quality.
hello. I am pretty new to development. like very very new. I am trying to fix a bug. I need a lot of help if possible?
so here's the bug. there's a dropdown in the site which is getting values from another part of the site. So it's like if there are a few things added in one part of the site. Ul get those values in the dropdown. So. the issue is that, when there are no values added. We do not need that dropdown. and we need to remove it completely from the form. How do i do that?
I am fairly new. this probably is simple. But would be great if anyone could help
Julian Gonggrijp
@ManishaBasavaraj Being new is OK! But there are multiple ways to do such a thing. It depends a lot on what your current code looks like. Mind sharing it?
Jeremiah Sifuentes
This is a cool app
Hi everyone,
I'm a web3 and MERN dev. Open for work, if anyone have any web app requirements, let me know.
Hey @jgonggrijp
<nsg-input-group [control]="casesFormGroup" [type]="inputType">
<div *ngIf="!casesList.items.length === 0">
<!-- Control input -->
<select [formControl]="caseControl" [required]="isRequired" class="form-control" [id]="'case-input'">
<ng-template [ngIf]="casesList">
<option *ngIf="!isRequired || !caseControl?.value" value="" selected>Select...</option>
<option *ngFor="let item of casesList.items" [value]="item.value">
this is kind of part of the code. it currently works when there are items in casesList. But i want to make sure that dropdown does not display at all when there are no items in casesList
and make it an optional field
Thank you for ur response! :)
Hi what is gitter?
the main purpose of it?
1 reply
Julian Gonggrijp
@ManishaBasavaraj I would expect the entire <div> to not render if casesList is empty. From just this code, I cannot tell why it is still rendering. Are you sure it is actually empty?
I think it should be. If i have not added it in the other part of the app it should not be showing at all. Is there a way to display what i get from the caseslist when debugging on visual studio code? And also, quick question. How do i also make this required field as not required when there's no values?