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Maurits Lamers
@MadLittleMods Is this crypto-spam a Gitter wide problem? The webpack channel also has a lot of these spam messages.
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Hi, I created an unofficial community in Gitter, can it be transferred to an official account?
Hi guys, I have a quick question(I am newbie)
I just noticed "OAuth application (Gitter Public Repo Access) with read:org, user:email scope(s)" when I joined with github.
And github says: "read:org Read-only access to organization membership, organization projects, and team membership."
==> I am wondering if "organization projects" includes the source code from my company?
I am also wondering, if "organization projects" includes my private repo?
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Anshul Pandey
Hello! I am working on a bot(using errbot framework) that would interact with the gitter api and respond to my commands. I am able to receive messages from gitter but not able to send(the post request gets generated and sent succesfully but nothing appears on gitter). I think because of sending many messages my gitter app account has been spammed. Can anyone pls help with this?
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Can we have enough of this spam messages already, please? I keep getting Gitter emails only to find crazy numbers and letter messages (like the ones above). Thank you.
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Lucas Brasilino
Hello! Is it possible to change my handler from @lucas.brasilino_gitlab to @lucas.brasilino ?
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Valentino Giudice
I created a community (to try Gitter). Would it be possible to delete it?
(I was unaware it was impossible).
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Raimund Hook
Hey folks.
Random question here, but is there a story behind the Gitter Badger? (I keep hearing the badger-badger-badger-mushroom song repeating in my head since starting to use Gitter, and I think I'm going slightly mad 🤪)
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Francesc Gil

One question, since this morning that I've closed Gitter (desktop app on Linux) now I'm getting this "errror" Opening in existing browser session. when I try to start it.

~ $> gitter 
Opening in existing browser session.

There is no process running for Gitter so IDK what I have to do or if there is any solution :)

Basically nothing happens, nothing is opened anywhere.

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Wang Shidong
what huppened with my channel, message can not bridged.
Connectivity to the server has been lost.
Wang Shidong
Eric Eastwood
@wsdjeg Both sides look the same. #spacevim:matrix.org and https://gitter.im/SpaceVim/SpaceVim have the same messages
Romain DEP.
Is it possible already to login to element or any other matrix client using one's gitter handle?
Looks like it's not, Unable to find a valid homeserver. Please check your identifier but maybe I'm doing something wrong.
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I want to leave a room.
can anyone help me out with that?
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How come I can't leave this room?
I clicked it
and it's not wroking
Eric Eastwood

@20me20 If it's a one to one conversation with another person, you can only hide it, https://gitlab.com/gitterHQ/webapp/-/blob/develop/docs/rooms.md#hide-a-room

Docs for leaving a room for reference: https://gitlab.com/gitterHQ/webapp/-/blob/develop/docs/rooms.md#leave-a-room

What's stopping you from leaving? Does the "Leave this room" option have no effect?

@MadLittleMods I clicked on the leave room
but it's not working....
It's actually not working for all of the things!!!
Eric Eastwood

@20me20 Ahh, I think you're running into gitterHQ/webapp#2582

You can type /leave in the chat input to get around this

i still have no idea how to get out...
let me try again
and not working...
Eric Eastwood
@20me20 What happens when you type /leave in chat and press enter?
Hello people! I want to practice commands (like 'leave') - could anyone recommend a good room or method for noobs like me to practice?
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Nakul Desai
Hey, it seems like my bot account got blocked as I was trying out some test commands. Can someone help? The gitter account is @nakuldx-corobo
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Aratrik Pal
How do I login in Element (android) with my Gitter account ?
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Ashish Kumar

Hi! I'm not getting notifications when receiving messages on Gitter.

  • I run Gitter on a web browser (gitter.im), allowing notifications. I receive the notifications only when a tab of gitter is opened in the browser, else no notifications are received. I remember I used to get notifications an year ago.
  • I also use Gitter Android on my phone, but never received any notification since installation. Again, notifications are allowed.

I had used Gitter Desktop App for Ubuntu in the past, but it is not active anymore. So, any reason why I'm not receiving notifications on my web browser and the android app, and a possible fix for the same?

10 replies
Liam Arbuckle
Hey guys, I've got a gitter community that I ported to Matrix recently. However, despite logging in to both Element & Gitter with my Github accounts, on Matrix I'm not able to get access to any admin roles and the two accounts are technically separate. I'm wanting to write custom bots for the Matrix community, and there's stuff on the Gitter community (now on Matrix) that I need to stay (so just creating a new community on Matrix/Element isn't a solution). Is there a way to fix this?
2 replies
Zoltán Csáti
Hello everyone!
We created a Gitter community some time ago. There are several rooms in it. One of them is private, and I would like to set it to public so that a colleague can join it through the Matrix bridge. How can I achieve it, I didn't find that in the settings? I have admin rights.
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Iwan Aucamp
hi, can I somehow link my gitlab and github accounts?
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md akhtar
Could I somehow join my Gitter account
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Nerd Bot Devs
How do I make a community on gitter?
1 reply
Is there a way to change my display name on gitter?