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Hey , I take
Hey i have send a form data to server and process the data to form mongo db query object, get the data from mongo db and send back to the client to render the data on a new page . How to implement it .???
I tried with res.render does not work on post . Thanks in advance
What framework?
Express node js using fetch api
I mean sending data to server through fetch api
The server is not written in nodejs. What is your front end written with. Do you want server to server?
Can anyone help me with a form? I was trying to add a honeypot field into my form and now it's not working. I'm very very new to coding and the form is for our website. Any help will be greatly appreciated!! I think when I added/removed the field I must have deleted or even added something to the code that is now causing the form to not submit.
Nestor Infante
Hello. I am Nestor from venezuela! I programmer and I am starting in the world of node.js
Has anyone worked with GraphQL? specifically with graphql gateways for micro services...
Hi, how to Re-Export Multiple Named Export and Multiple Default Export in index.js?
Eze Sunday Eze
3 replies
Thanks @roychri
Is would like to contribute to opensource node js projects as a beginner, where can I start with. I could find lot of projects in the github but If feel difficult to find a right one to get started

Hi all,

Any have an idea about the execution of the worker thread. Does this worker thread utilize all System Core or run on same the same main thread core?

Hello. I have code on GitHub, that is running on different systems. I want whenever code is merged in my main branch. I want to run a particular script on every system.
That script will run following commands in the terminal
ajay yadav
Hi @all anyone have an idea about DeepLinking Url how to create ?
Vedanta SP
I am new to node js , can anyone give me any projects?
Vedanta SP
so i could learn it better
@roychri Thanks for the suggestions on hosting node js application. Is vercel used only for frontend hosting?
Christian Roy
@SampathKumar27896 no it’s not. It can be used for api. But only stateless so no database.
Db will have to be external (not in vercel)
Jitendra Nirnejak
can someone help me: https://repl.it/@pcmoon/UnknownIgnorantAssemblylanguage
I have promise issue

Hi I'm trying a use-case to be able to communicate between PM2 workers. There are some examples listed here:

Most of these examples use the sendDataToProcessId method

But then, the official docs:

uses something called launchBus.
I could not find any further docs or usecases listed for launchBus

Could someone please elaborate on the purpose of launchBus and why does it need to be used along with sendDataToProcessId ?

Yerrapotu Manojkiran
does "rd" command deletes permanently?
Doni Yafi
Anyone looking for a partner to collaborate on their project PM me
I can help with MERN/MEVN stacks and Laravel
Sourav Singh Rawat
Hi I am trying to use fineOne to get the user by the following code but it returns null!
exports.login = catchAsync(async (req, res, next) => {
  const { email, password } = req.body;

  // 1. Check if email and password exist
  if (!email || !password) {
    return next(new AppError('Please provide email and password!', 400));

  // 2. Check if the user exists and the password is correct
  const user = await User.findOne({ email }).select('+password +active');

  if (!user || !(await user.correctPassword(password, user.password))) {
    return next(new AppError('Incorrect email or password.', 401));

  // 3. Check if the user has verified his or her id
  if (!user.active) {
    return next(
      new AppError('Sorry you have not yet verified your account.', 401)

  // 4. If everything is fine send token to the client
  createSendToken(user, 200, req, res);
Here the email and password are defined but at step two user returns null
Hello guys, my name's john and I need help with react
@jvpiovezan Hello John, I can help you with React
React Specialist
@jvpiovezan Hello John. As I am a React Guru, I can help you. What is your issue?
Kobi Bar Hanin
Hi! I’ve built an interactive git cli - igit. Check it out: https://github.com/kobibarhanin/igit to install: pip install igit
Steven Lee
Hello, everyone! I am a full-stack developer with JavaScript frameworks. Does anyone have a project to give me for a job?
Nestor Infante
Hello, has anyone worked with a date data type with graphql and typeorm?
Hello. I am looking to setup a NetlifyCMS based blog... I run windows7 and am finding it hard to install the latest node&npm, the node site says windows8 is required... I should have the lastest node and npm on my development machine according to the tutorial I am following... in order to install gatsby... can anyone recommend a good solution to this?
Carlos Rafael de Oliveira Carneiro
Hi @bldrums , maybe you should set your server up in a container. You use Windows 7 so Docker is not an option, but I think that a Vagrant container would work since it run within VirtualBox
Ilya Revenko
I've built a CLI for generating optional Node boilerplate
Can you please give some feedback on it?
Available on npm with: npx forge-node-app
Hi, all I want to build a video group chat application based on Selective forwarding unit(SFU) architecture using mediasoup , when I googled it I saw the terms webrtc, socket.io, mediasoup. I am beginner in node js. Could anyone tell me diff between webrtc, socket.io, mediasoup?
hi , im a student that is interested in nodejs , is there a beginner course that is mostly examples? and i would prefer a short but complete course that only covers the basic stuff, i have experience with python , linux and googling
Ekoulé Maneng Charly Karl
Hello Everyone !
I'm from Cameroon (West Africa) and studying tools and languages to become a FullStack JS Developer.