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  • Jun 05 2018 23:14
    @MadLittleMods banned @LWSS
  • Oct 28 2015 14:27
    @mydigitalself banned @fizzvr
Sidecar Gitter and iPadOS don’t seem to be working together it keeps saying I need to to login
when on my site
I’ve signed in as all 3 but still can’t use my iPad on my site
No matter how many times I login to github or any of the others I can’t use my iPad to chat on my site
Funny I can use it here just fine
Eric Eastwood
@Fenrir62174834_twitter When you sign in, are you seeing a "Forbidden" error? What version of iPadOS/iOS are you running? If you type in "my useragent" in Google, can you share what it says?
@Fenrir62174834_twitter The other thing to check is that your system time is correct, https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitter/webapp/-/issues/2101#note_159652651
grim Darkbane
I’m using pad air 3 I can see use it on everything else android phone computer etc just won’t turn over on iPad Air 3 but I can write to every one here on iPad Air 3
just not my site for some reason
Says start chatting I hit start chatting and it asks me to login I e cleared cache multiple times even updated to 13.7
then takes me right back to start chatting
it works fine on iPad Air 2
and galaxy note 9 android
grim Darkbane
I’m caught in a sign in loop hehe sounds like a great way to entertain a kid , make him think he’s doing something productive just for them to realize they’ve been wasting a bunch of time
My iPad 3 works just fine here just not on my site ,
Ty using chrome for my site worked perfectly tyvm
Peter Bittner
Are there any examples around on how to place the trigger button onto the right side of the page, vertically? Or is this just up to my site to apply appropriate changes to the js-gitter-toggle-chat-button CSS class?
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Grimm Darkbane
I fixed my pt
i fixed iPad problem , reset cache and turned off prevent tracking thru other apps fixed problem
Eric Eastwood
@grimmdarkbane_gitlab :+1: We recently fixed the problem with old iOS as well gitlab-org/gitter/webapp#2579
Hello, is there any easy way to modifty the size of the chat, for someone know js or css a little? I find lots of 'you can use your own css' or 'use .gitter-chat-embed' but no exactly answer could tell me what to do.
Arghya Kusum Das
Hi.... I am new in Sidecar.... I got the basic code working with a hitter room.... But in my project, I need to change rooms dynamically.... Is it possible with Side Car? Can we change the the room_name after the "room: " option?
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Any help will be apprecited
heya, is there any way i can make a chat? i have no idea how to :/
also WoAhThIsiScOoLWoAh ThIs iS cOoL
Eric Eastwood
@OfficialMorio_twitter Here are some docs to create a community and a chat room under that community :-)
how to send image?
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Ibrahim Owais
Eric Eastwood
sidecar is a big chatroom?
Eric Eastwood

@gznovice You can use Sidecar to chat in any particular public Gitter room.

Embed a Sidecar instance in your website for your own Gitter room for example

Shaun Mitchell
very cool
Maneesh Sethi
hi this is a chat
Hi isn't sidecar quite pointless if gitter.im's X-Frame-Options is set to DENY?
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GengChen Jing
Bharath Raghupatruni
Eric Eastwood
Ryan C Cooper
Checking for LaTeX support, $a = \frac{F}{m}$.
Eric Eastwood

@cooperrc Try double dollar signs, $$

a=Fma = \frac{F}{m}

Ryan C Cooper
thanks @MadLittleMods a=Fma = \frac{F}{m}, that's awesome