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Jul 2016
Ben Johnson
Jul 03 2016 15:41
Hi, everyone! I've noticed some less-than-ideal keyboard-related behavior in Gitter Desktop (Win) as of late.
Can't quite pin-down exactly what causes it, unfortunately
I think it has something to do with using Ctrl+Shift with the arrow keys to highlight entire words. The cursor "loses focus" and it looks like focus is off in the left-hand panel.
I have to use the mouse to click back into the input field. Happens on two different machines, just the same way on each.
Don't recall seeing the issue until this week, FWIW. Anyway, I'll provide more detail when I figure out what triggers it.
Mike Bartlett
Jul 03 2016 16:01
@cbj4074 gitterHQ/gitter#1328 can you :+1: that please
Ben Johnson
Jul 03 2016 16:02
@mydigitalself Awesome; glad to see that I'm not going crazy. :)