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Aug 2014
Mike Bartlett
Aug 31 2014 19:15
Compose mode on perhaps? Take a look at the toggle button to the right of the chat input. That toggles enter/cmd+enter to send.
Hal Snyder
Aug 31 2014 19:17
Will have MathJax anytime soon? (Please :smile: )
Mike Bartlett
Aug 31 2014 20:44
Hey @DrXyzzy will look into it for you
Piotr Esden-Tempski
Aug 31 2014 21:08
Lol … voting on trello generates messages every time I press vote and unvote … interesting
None the less, a feature of actually having a real bridge to an IRC channel that existed previously to gitter is the feature in question
having the IRC interface to gitter is nice but has different application than bridging the gap between an old irc channel and here (yes I tried the script that someone wrote and I failed to set it up :( )