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Sep 2014
Andrew Newdigate
Sep 01 2014 08:30
@DrXyzzy - I've been researching MathJax since you emailed us via support. Very keen on implementing it, but just trying to figure out what the best LaTex delimeters would be. Thinking that double ($$) or possibly triple dollar delimeters ($$$) around LaTex codes could work. Do you know if there's any precedent/standard for Markdown + MathJax?
Hal Snyder
Sep 01 2014 09:23
Precedent is $$. This is used in Coursera discussion forums for example and in SageMathCloud. SMC lets you mix markdown and MathJax as mentioned here. They also have a room at sagemath/cloud.
Andrew Newdigate
Sep 01 2014 09:27
Tom Gallacher
Sep 01 2014 10:43
It would be awesome to add a collapse image button ala Slack so you can hide images, especially when gifs get posted and chew up CPU =]
Mike Bartlett
Sep 01 2014 10:44
@tomgco it’s something we will certainly look into, we’ve had a few feature requests asking for it
Andy Trevorah
Sep 01 2014 10:45
@tomgco yeah, that would be awesome
Tom Gallacher
Sep 01 2014 10:46
ace, cheers.
Sean Allred
Sep 01 2014 23:48
@DrXyzzy @suprememoocow TeXie here. I’ll note that $$ is only precedent for display math environments. Inline math, as would be befitting of gitter, would use single-dollar $ as its delimiter.
As far as a precedent, single dollar is actually preferred. (just looked it up: