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Feb 2014
Tim Pietrusky
Feb 04 2014 14:06
voted for gitter on hackernews!
Mike Bartlett
Feb 04 2014 14:07
thanks tim
Oliver Kühn
Feb 04 2014 14:43
@TimPietrusky Where I have to do this? :link: !!! :-D
I'm the god damn j35u5 of h4cking. I need no news about.
I hear my nerdy crowd without the net.
And If somebody kills me you will create a raging god.
You know the story around Kain.
aka Satan
aka Devil
It's worth a read!
Btw. I noticed that Jesus was the first H4ck3r.
Make sense to me.
And the "church" build a system around that because they saw it power.
I really hope the new pope is some of us.
And not another child forker.
Oliver Kühn
Feb 04 2014 14:48
It can't be. The "church" was a evolution stopper since it creation. Over 1000 years of evolutions stop.