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Jun 2016
Joy Krishna Mondal
Jun 30 2016 07:27
I think the underlying implementation should be allowed to change - maybe a simpler parser and lexer, instead of coffeescript baggage ?
have anyone tried using peg.js
Jun 30 2016 07:57
@WreckedAvent it really doesn't matter what he likes or not, to be honest
another direction might be sweetjs readtables
Riley Cat
Jun 30 2016 14:40
@vendethiel I distinctly remember asking james if it would be possible to have a coffee-like language in babel and he laughed it off
sweetjs would probably work pretty well, but I don't know anyone who is still using that
I still very fondly remember my coffeescript with haskell signatures
Jun 30 2016 14:55
same :)
with pattern matching even.
really good stuff