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Feb 2019
Feb 08 16:40 UTC

Hey Folks! I didn't know about this room but it's great to see LiveScript is still alive. I've been using it for a number of years now with great pleasure for a lot of projects. So thanks!
I never dove into the deep implementation details of LiveScript so forget me if I'm asking something newbie. I'm using require as in m = require 'mithril'but now I'd like to switch to the ES6 way with import. One of the reasons being that in a webpack config file this doesn't work:

    new webpack.ProvidePlugin do
        m: 'mithril'

This is supposedly due to the fact that it's incompatible with require. I'm not so sure, but it got me wondering whether LiveScript compiles to ES5 or something later. As I said, sorry if this is too newbie for you guys. :)