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Repo info
Philip Arndt
Hervé Leroy
Hello thee
I would like to know if Globalize can handle field that is hash (with serialize :field, Hash) ?
Is there anybody here ?
Jakub Kuchar
Does anybody know how can i check if all attributes of record is translated under specific locale ?
Andrea Dal Ponte
@kjakub you could try count the records with something like this:
MyModel.count == MyModel.with_locale(:it).count
Jakub Kuchar
@dalpo thanks for response, but i mean - indicator if all listed attributes translates :name, :desc for record are translated ..something like not nils, not blank strings
Chris Salzberg
Hey @/all would be great to get some input on this change: globalize/globalize#560
Nicolai Seerup
I´m getting this error
ruby-2.3.1: (develop)$ bin/rspec
DEPRECATION WARNING: alias_method_chain is deprecated. Please, use Module#prepend instead. From module, you can access the original method using super. (called from <top (required)> at /Users/nicolaiseerup/Sites/Soundtracktor/soundtracktor-api/config/environment.rb:5)
DEPRECATION WARNING: before_filter is deprecated and will be removed in Rails 5.1. Use before_action instead. (called from <top (required)> at /Users/nicolaiseerup/Sites/Soundtracktor/soundtracktor-api/spec/rails_helper.rb:9)
DEPRECATION WARNING: before_filter is deprecated and will be removed in Rails 5.1. Use before_action instead. (called from <top (required)> at /Users/nicolaiseerup/Sites/Soundtracktor/soundtracktor-api/app/controllers/application_controller.rb:2)
Run options: include {:focus=>true}

Randomized with seed 27854
Daemon has started successfully

An error occurred in a `before(:suite)` hook.
Failure/Error: DatabaseCleaner.clean_with(:truncation)

  PG::ConnectionBad: PQsocket() can't get socket descriptor:           SELECT schemaname || '.' || tablename
            FROM pg_tables
              tablename !~ '_prt_' AND
              tablename <> 'schema_migrations' AND
              schemaname = ANY (current_schemas(false))
# /Users/nicolaiseerup/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.3.1/gems/activerecord- `async_exec’
Is there any trouble with using database_cleaner and globalize
Piotr Pawlik
Hey, I am trying to implement uniqueness validation. Using latest globalize version and my app in on Rails 5.
I tried validates :label, uniqueness: true
this should work
tried suggested answers from Internet as well, like:
translate_class.class_eval do
   validates :label, uniqueness: true
any ideas how to do that?
Noel Worden
Hello! Im trying to create custom URLs and in that process I need to eliminate the en/ that is created with the globalization gem. Ive dug around, but havent come up with any solutions yet...
console.log(Globalize.translate('Hi my name is sajeetharan'));
why above does not work?
how to set language forum..?
i have used the globalize gem file in rails 5 but how to set language module..?
Alberto Priore
I'm trying to update multiple translated fields for multiple nested attributes in one only form. But, only when I update the default language with a new changed text, it will update also the other languages. If I update other language than the default it do not save the content. What could be wrong in my config?
Philip Arndt
@shioyama exciting times
Simon Knoll
Hello, is it save to use globalize on a rails5 project?
Anson Hoyt
@simonknoll we've been using it on Rails 5 just fine, but were tracking master until 5.1.0.beta1 was released. There were some issues with the latest stable for us.
Philip Arndt
@ansonhoyt how is the latest beta?
Anson Hoyt
@parndt the latest beta has been working fine as far as I've noticed. No issues.
This message was deleted
Hi guys, having trouble with Globalize and Friendly ID: when I restart my app, everything is fine, but after a few minutes, urls are back to the classic id, I don't understand why
Rails 4 on Heroku, everything up to date, including gem 'friendly_id-globalize'
Chris Salzberg
Globalize is no longer compatible with FriendlyId using the friendly_id-globalize gem, see: https://github.com/globalize/globalize/issues/543#issuecomment-268115937
The gem and FriendlyId itself do not seem to be maintained, and maintaining support on Globalize side would be painful.
I did not realize that. What is weird is it work at start everywhere, but stop working after a while just for one model... I am willing to contribute to open source project, but pretty new at this so do you think it is worth it to try to fix the gem ? Edit: thanks for your time :-)
Andy Chung
hey all
is this lib compatible with webpack?
nvm, just found this thread
Punita Ojha
This message was deleted
Good morning
I had a question about globalize/globalize#620
Is there anyone who could explain if there is a way to save all translations for the available locale when a resource is saved?
I need all translation (also the empty ones) to show in my active admin page
I tried a fix but it still seems to be buggy
I can give more details on what is going wrong on the github post
André Arko
has anyone ever seen the effect of calling translates in a model definition somehow removing those columns from the model's list of attributes?
somehow, in my tests, the columns passed to translates are missing from Model.attribute_names :O
and if I comment out the translates line, the columns suddenly appear back in the list
Waldyr de Souza
Anyone trying to use globalize with Rails 5.1?
I had the following problem globalize/globalize#625. Can anyone help me out to solve this issue?