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Apr 2016
Thomas Robitaille
Apr 21 2016 10:48
@PennyQ - there's apparently a fix for making selections work with FOV=60 - see my latest note here: glue-viz/glue-3d-viewer#102 - do you or @maxwelltsai want to work on it?
(it should only be a few lines to change)
Penny Qian
Apr 21 2016 20:06

I got a problem when checking the glue with another conda environment as

python 3.5.1 0 defaults
vispy (/Users/penny/Works/glue_software-dev/penny-glue-3d-viewer/src/vispy) 0.5.0.dev0 <pip>
and glueviz installed with conda, that the volume doesn’t show in the viewer.

Here is the error msg as:
(newvispy)➜ penny-glue-3d-viewer git:(add_back_fov) ✗ glue
WARNING:glue:Failed to load plugin configuration
WARNING:glue:Failed to load plugin configuration
WARNING:root:Message signing is disabled. This is insecure and not recommended!
2016-04-21 15:59:49.118 python[4491:822142] modalSession has been exited prematurely - check for a reentrant call to endModalSession:
WARNING: Error drawing visual <MultiVolume at 0x109da6940>
WARNING:vispy:Error drawing visual <MultiVolume at 0x109da6940>

@astrofrog Do you know the reason for this?