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Apr 2016
Thomas Robitaille
Apr 29 2016 07:44
@PennyQ - I think it's good to have quite a few experimental schemes for 3D selection, then it will be easier to see which ones work and which don't for various cases, and we can then decide which ones to include by default.
Penny Qian
Apr 29 2016 14:37
@astrofrog Got it! I am checking the changelog and is it like after we merge one PR then we should add it into the changelog? if so I could also add those for 0.3 version part :)
Penny Qian
Apr 29 2016 14:46

@astrofrog I reinstalled both glueviz and glue-3d-viewers from the Github and still no 3D viewers in the dropdown lists, the error info is:

(newvispy)➜ glue-3d-viewer git:(master) ✗ glue l1448_13co.fits
WARNING:glue:Failed to load plugin configuration
WARNING:glue:Failed to load plugin configuration
WARNING:root:Message signing is disabled. This is insecure and not recommended!
2016-04-29 10:44:19.255 python[1365:100192] modalSession has been exited prematurely - check for a reentrant call to endModalSession:`