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    Aswin Gopinathan
    Heyy there !!
    Srishti Nema
    What is this Codacy review? Can someone tell me about this?
    Srishti Nema
    Can someone send me the materials which can help me write for the ExploreML event? Regarding the content? Should I just refer official Tensorflow tutorials?
    Abhijeet Singh
    I added the Codacy review bot to suggest good programming ethics. That's all it does really.
    Writing code is one thing, writing standard industry level code is another thing. So Codacy just gives suggestions on how you could've sent a better PR. But it doesn't report any errros really so PRs can be merged without problems.
    The TensorFlow official tutorials would suffice for the Explore ML workshop content: https://www.tensorflow.org/tutorials/quickstart/beginner
    Would be great if people can volunteer to write the blogs for the workshop sessions since the authors are currently busy.
    Sujay R
    Hey guys, I'm a Linux desktop user. And I feel kinda lonely 'cause no one around me uses Linux on their desktop. We can chat and hang out. I live in Vijaynagar. sujay1844@protonmail.com I'd love to interact with you guys. Also suggest where I can find Linux users if I can't find them here.