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Nicolas P. Rougier
@jcyc I think you may need to update boith glumpy (from GitHub) and the triangle library
@rougier Thanks for your help :)
solve: build new conda env ,each package that glumpy need use conda install, final git glumpy and triangle then install,its work :)
@rougier , Hi, do you have any idea how to get intrinsics in below link? https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/vispy/ICPiHN4QXUg
Nicolas P. Rougier
Not sure what you're referring to (link points to an old thread)
@rougier, I am trying to imply this https://github.com/julienr/vertex_visibility/blob/master/main.py to VisPy scenegrapy turntable camera. To do so, I need to get parameters in line 55-75 from camera object.
Following the explanation in the file, it's something like below.
However, what I could get is matrices with different shapes.
[[ 1. 0. 0. 0. ] [ 0. 1. 0. 0. ] [ 0. -0. 1. 0. ] [-474.40224 -308.97636 923.01759 1. ]]
[[ 0.00011 0. 0. 0. ] [ 0. 0.0001 0. 0. ] [ 0. 0. -0. 0. ] [-0. -0. -0. 1. ]]
Nicolas P. Rougier
Ok, now I see. I guess you'll to dive into vispy code to find how the camera transform is computed. Generally, I use a MVP (Model , View, Projection) matrix but I'm not sure how Luke implemented it in the end. Maybe you n open an issue on vispy to ask fro some help.
Andrew Chalmers
Is this expected behaviour?
print(self.program['u_Texture']) # print out values
print(self.program['u_Texture']) # still prints out values, i would expect something else (e.g., zeros, None type, or better yet that the handle doesn't exist anymore)
Nicolas P. Rougier
@chalmersgit The deletion occurs on the GPU, no need to delete the CPU copy.
Andrew Chalmers
I guess the issue is that if later on in the application, if I want to load a new texture with different dimensions, it's remembered the old dimensions and won't let me do it.
(new texture with same variable name)
Nicolas P. Rougier
Ok, can you open an issue on Gtihub with a short example showign the problem?
David Pineda
Hi! i found this module, but i think i need understand more how to create vertex and fragment shaders code, whre can i find more books or tutorials about?
Nicolas P. Rougier
David Pineda
Thanks Nicolás!
Si a beautifull book!
Hi, I want to draw multiple 3D boxes with different translation and rotation, to do that I started from the outlined cube example and I am trying to use transforms to specify the translation and rotation, I was able to use the Rotate transform but not the Translate. Also is it possible to combine multiple transform (rotate the box then translate it) ?
here is the main from my vertex shader :
gl_Position = u_projection * u_view * u_model * vec4(<transform(position)>, 1.0);
and here is how I define the transform:
cube["transform"] = Translate(translate=(0,0,0))
which doesn't work, but if I use :
cube["transform"] = Rotate(angle=30)
it works... I must be missing something but I'm still a beginner concerning OpenGL stuffs
Ok so it was because of a syntax error in translate.glsl which was corrected 25days ago in commit 580a1e8 but isn't in the pip install yet. Now it's working.
Also, I managed to combine multiple transforms:
vertex = """
attribute vec3 position;
vec4 rotation;
vec4 translation;
void main()
rotation = vec4( <rotate(position)>, 1.0);
translation = <translate>;
gl_Position = <transform>;
cube["rotate"] = Rotate(angle=30)
cube["translate"] = Translate("rotation", translate=(0.5,0,0))
cube["transform"] = PVMProjection("translation")
If there is a better way please let me know
Hi,I use ten data csv file(each 3 col*2,000,000 row) with glumpy path or polygons function to drawing ,but I find out path or polygons function append one data array need more 10 secs ,I had trans csv to numpy array before append data, is possible any way to speed up 'append ' process ?ex: make file before then load ? or other ways, pls give me some direction, many thanks.
Lucas Menicucci
Hey guys, could you give me a little help? I'm leaning the basics of OpenGL for making animated quiver plots and I can't understand very well the vertex and fragment shaders of this example https://www.labri.fr/perso/nrougier/python-opengl/#id37. In that example only 4 vertexes can create a bunch of arrows, I can't understand how that's possible. Furthermore, wouldn't be necessary at least 4N floats for drawing N 2D arrows?
Julio Vera
Hey everybody! i'm trying to run the examples of the main page, without success. I have an Arch Linux installation with python 3.10 and Jupyter, and the output send me the following error:
object of type 'NoneType' has no len()
Any suggestions? Thank you!
Is there any follow up with newer version of numpy?
I have fixed some minor errors manually
Benoit Tachet
Capture d’écran de 2020-12-02 09-22-43.png


I'm trying to use glumpy to display some figures using transparency, and I am wondering about one thing that I discovered using one of the examples :
I'm currently using the cube example (solid-cube.py), and I wanted to change the alpha of its color. However, doing so makes the faces sometimes look different according to the rotation angle, like on this image :

Would anyone have an idea about why this does happen ?
Le minaw

Would anyone have an idea about why this does happen ?

Hard to say without manipulating the actual program
Note you have some exemples of OIT (order independant transparency) implementation there: https://github.com/glumpy/glumpy/tree/master/examples/transparency

Peter Vince
I'm trying to draw several objects, all of the same type, each with rotation and translation and specified colour. Should I use Collections as I can't seem to get it working otherwise? Are there examples to look at?
Hi! First of all: fantastic project and excellent book/tutorial. I have tried to use this module for some time, my end goal is to use it for visualizing CFD-calculations. Anyways: Right now I am trying to learn about buffering data to the GPU. I find the documentation a little sparse. The goal with the above code is to write a program that gives the GPU some data which the GPU then performs some sort of calculation on, after which I reach into the buffered memory and get the calculated data out. It runs without crashing, but does not seem to return correct values. Anyone able to give me a hint as to what is wrong? I am obviously an amature at this, and there is probably something conceptually really wrong here.
Nicolas P. Rougier
To read data from the GPU, you'll need to use a framebuffer. There are some examples in the source directory.
Alex Sizov
I need to visualization a 3D numpy array with a size of 900x900x100. The value of the array elements is 0 ... 255. Can someone share an example for this type of visualization?
I am trying to create a basic "Hello world Triangle" using glumpy. I am getting a triangle when vertices are only among four corner points of the frame and in other cases, the entire screen is getting cleared(Insted of getting a small triangle inside the frame). what changes needed to be done? (Even not working for quad drawing given in documentation)