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Repo info
    hello guys can anyone help me with file-snapshot?
    I tried to set features.file-snapshot on my volume using gluster 5.3
    volume set: failed: option : features.file-snapshot does not exist
    im trying to accomplish file level snapshots
    Hi guys , I have a question
    I have a distributed replicated 2x2 configuration, How can I add other two bricks in a new node In a way that all the bricks are well rebalanced across the three nodes? in my tests the 2 bricks added (from the same node) after a rebalance contain the same data, which isn't the best for fault tolerance (if this node goes down the data is lost)
    Sudheer Singh
    Hi Guys,
    Is there any docker plugin for glusterfs
    Hey guys quick question.
    I want to share certain directories replicated between 2 servers. For example i want /home/user/dir1 , home/user/dir2 /and home/user/dir3/dir1 to be common on both servers. But the naming cannot change since it's used by the setup given already.
    Question 1 : Is it a killer to crate and mount 3 different replica volumes, one for each?
    Question 2 : Can it be done with a single Volume somehow and still keep the replication?
    My problem right now is that the single mount will keep the contents of each directory. Note that each directory give has multiple more directories on the same level so bricking this level is impossible by my understandings so far(will also replicate all other dirs on same level)
    Gowtham Shanmugasundaram
    Hi all, In tendrl we are fetching volume profile status from gluster get-state output using attribute "volume{index_no}.profile_enabled" , but i can see this field in downstream but not in upstream. Is it removed recently? i am using upstream 3.12.15
    Junsong Li
    @GowthamShanmugam Just out of curiosity, I checked 3.6 and 3.12 code, I don't see anywhere an attribute "profile_enabled" is used in the codebase
    jay vyas
    Is this the new IRC ? Hope so :)
    I'm in the process of deploying gluster to provide persistent storage for jupyter notebooks. I'm using heketi as a rest endpoint, which creates a block for each persistent volume claim. Is there an upper limit to the block ports (49152-), or do I need to open 800+ ports for 800+ blocks?
    May i ask how is the performance of gluterfs overall? I wish to sync a media catalog of a store ~120gb images mainly. I tried to set it up, but i dont even know if i configured the thing correctly and the drives were not ssd so the performance was really bad. Also the fs was ext3 or 4 i dont remember right now, it was on an old demo server
    The sync should basically happen between 2 servers
    Just tryig to move a 10gigs folder in a brick to be copied to the other server, took over an hour
    Ive got a remove-brick task "pending" even though it was successful and the bricks are removed, this is stopping me from rebalancing but I cant stop the task because the bricks dont exist anymore, how can I get around this?
    Andrea Posarelli
    Hi there... I'm a new gluster use, I'm looking to some advice...
    I have 3 Dell node with 6 SAS disk. I setup a Proxmox cluster with one disk for proxmox and the other 5 dedicated to Gluster.
    Seems working well but if I create a replicated volume I lose 2/3 of available space.
    There is another way to handle disk space with gluster?
    Distributed seems to be not a good choice because if I have a fail I lose everything, right?
    How about create a gluster distributed volume of 3 big brick built on top raid5 on every node? Is a bad idea?
    Andrea Posarelli
    Or maybe it's enough do a replica 2 for 3 node instead replica 3?
    Hello whats better to have 2 brick + 1 arbiter or 3 bricks ? :|
    Wei Wu
    Anyone having issue downloading Gluster packages ?
    2019-09-04 16:24:27 (890 KB/s) - Connection closed at byte 65137. Retrying.
    This is what I am getting. Using wget https://download.gluster.org/pub/gluster/glusterfs/4.1/4.1.8/Debian/9/amd64/apt/pool/main/g/glusterfs/glusterfs-client_4.1.8-1_amd64.deb
    Jesse Hi! I'm looking to move my zfs to glusterfs at some point - for encryption, I'm thinking ecryptfs, do you guys think that is fine? My nodes will be very low powered ARM devices, idk how LUKS would perform on them, and gluster's encryption doesn't encrypt file names from what I understand.
    Hi all. I'm having issues connecting a mac osx client to glusterfs drive. Is this possible? I couldn't find anything recent with google.

    If I do:

    sudo mount -t glusterfs server:myvol1 /mnt/filestore

    I get:

    mount: exec /Library/Filesystems/glusterfs.fs/Contents/Resources/mount_glusterfs for /mnt/filestore: No such file or directory

    if I do:

    sudo mount server:myvol1 /mnt/filestore

    I get:

    mount_nfs: can't mount myvol1 from server onto /mnt/filestore: Permission denied
    Can mount it fine on a remote linux machine
    I'm guessing there's not mac client?
    Johannes Schüth
    Hi, I'm just getting started with gluster and testing it. I regularly loose a brick daemon on my host. In the brick logs I see aio_read_error() on /gluster/G2/data/.glusterfs/health_check returned after that the glusterfsd is killed with signum 15. Is this expected behavior? I have no idea what causes the aio_read_error and why the daemon is not restarted.
    I'm using glusterfs 7.2-1
    literally dead.
    Hi everyone, someone can help me to fix this error : read failed on gfid:.....Bad file descriptor
    Hello everyone. I ported the latest version of glusterfs 9dev to the arm 32-bit platform. I created a disperse volume on six nodes with two redundant nodes. Then mount it to a directory. I used the tool FIO to compare the read/write rate of a single disk with that of a glusterfs volume. I thought that the read / write rate of a distributed volume should be about four times that of a single disk. As a result, the read-write rate of distributed volume is not as high as that of single disk. I see that when I write disks, they are written concurrently, not sequentially. Why is that?

    Hi, can GlusterFS be used to "bind" multiple block storages into one mount point?
    Say I have:


    Can it work as one mount?


    Glusterfs I build it from source, when ran whole test suit using, ./run-tests.sh, Some tests failed, failed one I tried to recheck using prove -vf <failed test>, tests observed hanging, Any input on this will be useful
    Example: prove -vf ./tests/bugs/snapshot/bug-1166197.t
    ./tests/bugs/snapshot/bug-1166197.t ..
    lvremove VG|LV|Tag|Select ...

    vgremove VG|Tag|Select ...

    ok 1 [ 3114/ 40] < 13> 'verify_lvm_version'
    ok 2 [ 15/ 2183] < 14> 'glusterd'
    ok 3 [ 17/ 16] < 15> 'pidof glusterd'
    ok 4 [ 36/ 2440] < 17> 'setup_lvm 1'
    ok 5 [ 21/ 185] < 19> 'gluster --mode=script --wignore volume create patchy petard1.fyre.ibm.com:/d/backends/patchy_snap_mnt'
    ok 6 [ 15/ 247] < 20> 'gluster --mode=script --wignore volume set patchy nfs.disable false'
    ok 7 [ 24/ 1517] < 21> 'gluster --mode=script --wignore volume start patchy'
    ok 8 [ 15/ 164] < 22> 'gluster --mode=script --wignore snapshot config activate-on-create enable'
    ok 9 [ 26/ 2203] < 23> 'gluster --mode=script --wignore volume set patchy features.uss enable'
    ok 10 [ 61/ 105] < 25> 'Started volinfo_field patchy Status'
    ok 11 [ 20/ 40] < 26> '1 is_nfs_export_available'
    ok 12 [ 31/ 41] < 27> 'mount_nfs petard1.fyre.ibm.com:/patchy /mnt/nfs/0 nolock'
    ok 13 [ 54/ 16] < 28> 'mkdir /mnt/nfs/0/testdir'
    ok 14 [ 22/ 1694] < 30> 'gluster --mode=script --wignore snapshot create snap1 patchy no-timestamp'
    ok 15 [ 22/ 1803] < 31> 'gluster --mode=script --wignore snapshot create snap2 patchy no-timestamp'
    ok 16 [ 26/ 25] < 33> '0 STAT /mnt/nfs/0/testdir/.snaps'
    ok 17 [ 18/ 2] < 35> 'cd /mnt/nfs/0/testdir'
    ok 18 [ 46/ 6] < 36> 'cd .snaps'
    ``` Test is not going ahead of 18th test now, any input on this?