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    nobuyuki paul aoki
    This is an open forum on anything regarding GlyTouCan. I'd like to add a link to this on the web page somewhere as an easy way to contact.
    Osvaldo Martin


    I need to get access to all the GlycoCTs in Glytoucan. Can I download them from somewhere? Or can I access them programatically? (maybe using Python)? Thanks in advance.

    issaku yamada
    You can get the GlycoCTs from GlyTouCan SPARQL endpoint by using SPARQL Query.
    SPARQL endpoint is here. https://ts.glytoucan.org/sparql
    sample SPARQL Query is
    PREFIX glycan: <http://purl.jp/bio/12/glyco/glycan#>
    PREFIX glytoucan: <http://www.glytoucan.org/glyco/owl/glytoucan#>
    SELECT DISTINCT ?GlycoCT ?accNum
    WHERE {
      # Accession Number
      ?saccharide glytoucan:has_primary_id ?accNum .
      # GlycoCT
      ?saccharide glycan:has_glycosequence ?gctSeq .
      ?gctSeq glycan:has_sequence ?seq .
      BIND(STR(?seq) AS ?GlycoCT)
      ?gctSeq glycan:in_carbohydrate_format glycan:carbohydrate_format_glycoct .
    limit 100
    please change limit setting count.
    This is information site for GlyTouCan Entry. http://code.glytoucan.org/system/glycanEntry/sparql/#glycoct
    Osvaldo Martin
    Thanks a lot!!!
    Noel O'Boyle
    Hi there, I sent an email to support@glytoucan.org back on 22 May but didn't hear anything. Is that address working? Should I repost here? Thanks...Noel O'Boyle.
    Chris Ashwood
    Hi can I please get a possible bug checked out please? I'm searching an N-glycan structure with the text input function (GlycoCT condensed and Wurcs v2) and it says there is a match but unfortunately it is to an O-glycan with different linkages/monosaccharides.
    Should be consistent with the chitobiose N-glycan core with a 1,6 linked core fucose and terminally attached mannose.
    Gives accession G37641EM