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Gianpaolo Macario
Hello! The Chat Room for has been created!
Hippie Hacker
nice, I use this quite alot
Gianpaolo Macario
Thanks for your appreciation @hh - Just for curiosity: which container from the easy-build project are you using more?
And - of course - please feel free to submit issues or propose Pull Requests!
Hippie Hacker
yocto mainly (haven't looked at genivi or fsl-arm though)
I did a build or two of asop, but I'm waiting for a Nexus 5 to show up
for asop the src is cyanogenmod
for yocto I'm trying to automate builds for
I'd like for pull requests against those sources to automatically generate flashable images using your code
Hippie Hacker
Jeremiah C. Foster
Hey Gianpaolo
I'm going to send an email about Vagrant and mention that you use it in easy-build, but I guess you use Docker now?
Gianpaolo Macario
Hi Jeremiah, not sure I understood your question
easy-build is based on Docker, not on Vagrant
Jeremiah C. Foster
It looks like easy-build switched to Docker?
Was it always Docker?
Gianpaolo Macario
OTOH I sometimes still use Vagrant when I have no native Linux with Docker
Yes easy-build has always been based on Docker
Jeremiah C. Foster
Ah, okay
We want to let GENIVI know about this:
And I was going to say that you used vagrant too, but maybe I shouldn't say that? :-)
Gianpaolo Macario
Thanks, will have a look
I used (and still use) Vagrant but for other different usecases
Not for building Yocto distro etc
And you may always run Docker inside Vagrant if you feel like 😉
Jeremiah C. Foster
Sounds good

Hello.I want to use the gmacario/easy-build docker-image on macOS to build a raspberry pi sd-card image with yocto (I follow this nice guide)

If try to build using a shared folder(docker run -ti --volume=${PWD}/shared:/home/build gmacario/build-yocto) I get the following bitbake error:

Subprocess output:
cp: cannot create hard link ‘/home/build/rpi/build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/lib/’ to ‘/home/build/rpi/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/cracklib-native/2.9.5-r0/sysroot-destdir/home/build/rpi/build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/lib/’: Input/output error
cp: cannot create hard link ‘/home/build/rpi/build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/lib/’ to ‘/home/build/rpi/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/cracklib-native/2.9.5-r0/sysroot-destdir/home/build/rpi/build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/lib/’: Input/output error

ERROR: cracklib-native-2.9.5-r0 do_populate_sysroot: Function failed: sstate_task_postfunc
ERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: /home/build/rpi/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/cracklib-native/2.9.5-r0/temp/log.do_populate_sysroot.12261
ERROR: Task (virtual:native:/home/build/poky-morty/meta/recipes-extended/cracklib/ failed with exit code '1'

And if I try to build a rather big qt5-image inside the docker-container I get this bitbake error (after quite some time). At this point my Docker.qcow2 is 96.9GB (just this one container) but I have space left on my host and when I tried before this file was even 140GB (with other containers)

OSError: [Errno 28] No space left on device

I alrrady tried switching the storage-driver from overlay2 to AUFS. No success, but better performance (I guess).

Any hints on what to try next? thx

Gianpaolo Macario
Uhm... thanks Wired! Have you already tried to run thriller container without binding the host volume? What are the results?
Could you do "sudo mount" from the host?
docker informazioni
I meant "that's wierd!" Damn autocorrect 😑
And "docker info" of course
:smile: OK, and what do you mean by "thriller container" ?
I am not sure if I am too confusing. I was speaking about two cases. 1st is with a shared folder and 2nd without a shared folder. The following output is with only one container without a shared folder
➜  ~ sudo mount
/dev/disk1 on / (hfs, local, journaled)
devfs on /dev (devfs, local, nobrowse)
map -hosts on /net (autofs, nosuid, automounted, nobrowse)
map auto_home on /home (autofs, automounted, nobrowse)
/dev/disk2s1 on /Volumes/Kubity 1.2.0 (hfs, local, nodev, nosuid, read-only, noowners, quarantine, mounted by clemens)
➜  ~ docker info
Containers: 1
 Running: 1
 Paused: 0
 Stopped: 0
Images: 21
Server Version: 1.13.1
Storage Driver: aufs
 Root Dir: /var/lib/docker/aufs
 Backing Filesystem: extfs
 Dirs: 28
 Dirperm1 Supported: true
Logging Driver: json-file
Cgroup Driver: cgroupfs
 Volume: local
 Network: bridge host ipvlan macvlan null overlay
Swarm: inactive
Runtimes: runc
Default Runtime: runc
Init Binary: docker-init
containerd version: aa8187dbd3b7ad67d8e5e3a15115d3eef43a7ed1
runc version: 9df8b306d01f59d3a8029be411de015b7304dd8f
init version: 949e6fa
Security Options:
  Profile: default
Kernel Version: 4.9.8-moby
Operating System: Alpine Linux v3.5
OSType: linux
Architecture: x86_64
CPUs: 5
Total Memory: 13.68 GiB
Name: moby
Docker Root Dir: /var/lib/docker
Debug Mode (client): false
Debug Mode (server): true
 File Descriptors: 24
 Goroutines: 39
 System Time: 2017-02-21T20:58:25.244089033Z
 EventsListeners: 1
No Proxy: *.local, 169.254/16
Experimental: true
Insecure Registries:
Live Restore Enabled: false
Ok, seems like the container just uses all my RAM ,right? I assigned 14GB in the Docker app . could this be the cause for the OSError: [Errno 28] No space left on device-Error ? (Doesn't sound like a RAM-issue to me) Any Idea how to solve this?
But for the other case (when I want to use a shared folder): could it be that the problem is to hard link because my shared folder is a HFS+ (macOS) -filesystem folder?
Thank you for thinking about this.
Gianpaolo Macario
I have never tried to mount HFS+ volume