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Repo info
    Hi! I was wondering what it would take to support Thai language word segmentation, for instance based on https://github.com/tlwg/swath
    riot will be v0.20.0 support.
    Hi!Form the code ,I saw the parameter of Lookup,logic, was variable-length. So will you support multi-ogical search or
    complex ogical search,if so, what the features will be
    带特殊符号的中文文本 分词会失败
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    Some people?
    I want to use the custom score to inherit the original rating. What should I do?
    the riot search
    Michael Mayer
    Hello :) Just found this project on GitHub... we are looking for a full text search engine for our photo app: https://github.com/photoprism/photoprism
    Does riot also support numeric value and date range searches?
    Zhang Haohao
    i tried to index from file which has size of 10M , when index finished , i found it cost 1G memory
    i init riot engine with parameter Using: 1,
    GseDict: "zh",
    does anyone know why is cost so much memory ?
    and how could i shrink it ?
    Michael Mayer
    It's TensorFlow, not the image that needs the memory.
    Not every image needs 1 GB :)
    Oh sorry, thought this is a PhotoPrism question! In that case, I don't know...
    Song Liu
    Hi there
    Song Liu
        text := "那里湖面总是澄清, 那里空气充满宁静"
        seg := gse.New()
        log.Debug().Interface("cut", seg.Cut(text, true)).Interface("cut all", seg.CutAll(text)).Msg("")
        // output: cut=["那里","湖面","总是","澄清",", ","那里","空气","充满","宁静"] cut all=["那里","里湖","湖面","总是","澄清",","," ","那里","空气","充满","宁静"]
        // seg.LoadDict("./dictionary.txt")
        var tr idf.TextRanker
        result := tr.TextRank(text, 5)
        log.Debug().Interface("text rank", result).Msg("")
        // output: text rank=[{},{},{}]
        var te idf.TagExtracter
        if err := te.LoadIdf(); err != nil {
        segments := te.ExtractTags(text, 5)
        log.Debug().Interface("segments", segments).Msg("")
        // output: segments=[{},{},{},{},{}]
    TextTrank and ExtractTags not works. Can someone help me?
    gse v0.64.1 with go 1.15.6
    Song Liu
    Issue fixed.
    @lastzero I'm using Photoprism now. It's amazing. And from photoprism, I learned how to work with TF using golang. Thank you.