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Apr 2017
Andrey Nering
Apr 02 2017 11:13
Seems like spam. Time for a ban of @matrixbot ?
Apr 02 2017 11:14
Paul that seems excessive
Paul maybe require registration on the freenode channel
Paul but freenode admins are quite good at getting rid of spammers as well
Apr 02 2017 11:30
jcgruenhage ( You should also consider, that the bot was banned so fast that he hadn't even completed what he wanted to say :D I've had that bot in a few other (IRC) rooms too, and there would have been another few messages. Also, that one is banned in Matrix now, so even if he came back, he can only spam in IRC now ^^
Apr 02 2017 12:30
belgin[m] on Freenode Hello.
belgin[m] on Freenode Is the GITEA_WORK_DIR supposed to be set by the user?
belgin[m] on Freenode the GITEA_WORK_DIR env var*
Paul I've never set it
belgin[m] on Freenode I see from a quick glance that if it can't find GITEA_WORK_DIR or GOGS_WORK_DIR in the environment, it defaults to what most likely is set at init to be the binary directory
Apr 02 2017 12:35
belgin[m] on Freenode and then in the setup function of serv.go it tries to chdir there
Apr 02 2017 12:42
Cadair Also, on the spam front, you have to trade off a little spam for more accessibility to your community.
Cadair Lots of people are very comfortable using irc, and that's what they want to use.
strk on Freenode I banned the IP of that guy (
strk on Freenode Belgin[m]: you're correct, that's what happens, so yes set manually (and feel free to request using PWD instead of "binary directory" which is really bad thing to do)
Apr 02 2017 12:47
belgin[m] on Freenode strk, I don't really understand the point of that chdir in cmd/serv.go
belgin[m] on Freenode judging by that if guard i imagine it has something to do with path to the sqlite database
strk on Freenode possibly, anyway the thing is some paths are sometimes needed
belgin[m] on Freenode if that's the case why not use the path as set in the config?
strk on Freenode not only for sqlite db but also for the default custom/ path
strk on Freenode can the path in config be relative ?
belgin[m] on Freenode probably
Apr 02 2017 12:54
belgin[m] on Freenode hm, for some reason I dont' see sqlite3 in the drop down list at first run
Apr 02 2017 13:01
strk on Freenode it takes a build tag, if you're building it yourself
strk on Freenode (to enable sqlite)
belgin[m] on Freenode yeah I just noticed this thanks
belgin[m] on Freenode strk, under the dropdown list after selecting sqlite3, there's this "Please use the absolute path when you start as service."
Apr 02 2017 13:06
belgin[m] on Freenode Also, I'm not sure setting it to pwd will fix anything
strk on Freenode true, would just be somewhat less weird when you give relative paths
strk on Freenode as in: GITEA_WORK_DIR=there/ gitea web
strk on Freenode or just: gitea web # from the directory containing the custom/ subdir
belgin[m] on Freenode my hunch is it tries to chdir into appPath even though you give it an absolute path to your sqlite3 database
belgin[m] on Freenode i'm going to test this
Apr 02 2017 13:24
MTecknology on Freenode Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MTecknology on Freenode <-- I just discovered a problem with this list... there is NO cache on those raid controllers.
MTecknology on Freenode worse yet... well beyond the return deadline and the controller I actually want clocks in at only 2x that cost, but it at least comes with a full 1GB of cache.
Apr 02 2017 14:15
strk on Freenode Belgin[m]: PR welcome !
Apr 02 2017 15:33
belgin[m] on Freenode yeah i'm planning on sending a pr