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    Catherine Cai
    Nvm, just saw the issue you linked
    Catherine Cai
    @dvdplm Keep looping me on those issues. Sorry, will try to keep up. Been kind of a busy holiday week for me.
    random side note: anyone else here prefer using a mailing list for managing the the conversation? I generally don't stay connected to gitter that often. =)
    Catherine Cai
    @james-lawrence Yeah, I wouldn’t mind that!
    Also thanks for going through a monster of issues. You da real MVP
    Patrick Connolly

    @channel def whatever works, but can set gitter to email on @mention: https://imgur.com/6uzme0q

    just quick 2c, but if using a mailing list, i would advise linking it in readme so that it's clear where "leadership" channels are, and then new people can potentially organically find those conversations and join in :)

    @patcon good call on the notifications. will consider setting up an email list let me investigate someoptions.
    @catherinetcai thanks =). I'm trying to get through the basic infrastructure pieces so people can focus on the slack API and adding missing features.
    Adam Beberg
    The Slack API changes for member list truncation in https://api.slack.com/changelog/2017-10-members-array-truncating are now rolled out. I don't see any support for conversations.members in the library yet?
    @beberg nlopes/slack#249
    it'll be merged once its fixed up.
    Adam Beberg
    Great, i'll write some code using it in the next few days
    Norberto Lopes
    Hi everyone. I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that has contributed to nlopes/slack being more up-to-date. I truly appreciate the effort involved.
    Roman S
    Hi guys. slack.SetLogger and api.SetDebug was replaced by some other functions or just deleted?
    Hi to all. I'm trying to automate an onboarding task. I want to create a script to deal with adding newcomer to a bunch of channels. So I've created a go program using this library (awesome btw). I'm using my user API token. Every time I try to do a user lookup by mail I get an error referring a missing scope. Do I need to create an app? what is wrong? I don't want a bot, I want to use as script instead. Thanks
    Patrick Connolly
    @pacoorozco heyo. looks like the method you're using doesn't work with legacy tokens: https://api.slack.com/methods/users.lookupByEmail
    hm... actually, seems that legacy is never listed on doc pages of api calls. that's inconvenient, but i assume that it doesn't work for all api endpoints. i'm guessing not being clear on those pages is one way they're trying to deprecate, and that this new method isn't intended to work with these tokens (maybe?)
    in a pinch, try users.list and filter maybe?
    Łukasz Margiela
    Hey, did anyone mock this library? I'd love to use it in my unit tests
    Todd Edwards
    Anyone have an example of using slack.NewSecretsVerifier with gin? I've written a gin middleware that appears to me as though it should work, but isn't. I'm pretty new to this Golang thing. Any direction would be appreciated.
    Sargun Dhillon
    How do you actually send messages?
    I have a Message object from slack.NewBlockMessage
    Wes McNamee
    How do you write tests for using the slack RTM or client? I don't see slack using any interfaces
    are there some examples of this?
    Nikolay Ponomarev
    Guys, could you tell me how to post message as a bot (2) , not anonymous (1) http://prntscr.com/ncexv9
    Corentin Val
    Hello, is this chat still active? Seems like last message was in April
    Ashwin Rajeev
    I need to upload a file as an app, I used UploadFile method but it shows my username I need to change it to my app name instead of my name
    Mauran Muthiah
    I'm not quite sure if i'm wrong, but does library supports getting slack messages from incoming webhooks from Slack?
    Jayesh Guru
    Hello, Does anyone know how to get coverage report in Go by filenames as I know the way to get by functions in the file but it is too much detailed one. I am looking for just report by go files(not package) and total coverage at the end.
    Simon Frey
    How do I create an attachment message? Previously following code worked, but is now not working anymore as slack.NewPostMessageParameters() has no field Attachments anymore and slack.AttachmentAction.Type is the internal type actionType:
    pm := slack.NewPostMessageParameters()
            for _, a := range at.Actions {
                sa.Actions = append(sa.Actions, slack.AttachmentAction{
                    Name:  a.Name,
                    Text:  a.Text,
                    Style: a.Style,
                    Type:  a.Type,
                    Value: a.Value,
            pm.Attachments = append(pm.Attachments, sa)
    @simonfrey did you manage to figure this out? I'm just looking at this problem now


    fix will be to remove the field from PostMessageParameters. its effectively a dead code path anyways at this point.

    PostMessage(..., MsgOptionAttachments(attachments)) should work

    Simon Frey
    @wbanguna I work with string literals for the actionType on compile time. That worked
    Arun Mathew
    Hi, Im trying to retrieve all unread messages from a team, i havent been able to figure it out, Can someone help me out with this?
    chuan du
    Ashwin Rajeev
    Conversations API methods are available or not in go-slack package??
    Hemm K

    Hey guys! Hope you're all having a good Monday

    Just a quick question: Is there a possible way to generate a 'paid' invoice for a customer on the fly?

    Michał Hartwich
    hi :) how can I mock this package in tests? :)
    Justin Judd
    Is anyone here able to review a PR? I'm hoping someone can look at slack-go/slack#847 - Thanks!
    Jayson Smith
    Heya! Quick question: Could I get any context around why ExcludeArchived in GetConversationsParameters is a string instead of a bool?
    Jayson Smith
    I just submitted slack-go/slack#914 to update that specific instance of it to match all the others in the project.
    I've also noticed that there's a number of different styles of tests in the project. Is there any desire to get them all normalized to a similar style? Happy to help out if so. Perhaps also a contributing.md file would be helpful to help inform folks to try to keep the same style as the existing code base when working with it?
    Rumen Nikiforov
    Hi everyone
    I am trying to make a small slack bot that creates a modal, and it requires a trigger id, where can i obtain such?
    Reginald Davis
    Hey everybody, I've been trying to create a channel programmatically with the CreateConversations api but regardless of what name I pass I get the name_taken error despite there not being another channel with the same name. Every name that I've passed follows the channel naming guidelines provided by Slack. Has anyone else encountered this when creating channels with the API? If so, what could am I overlooking that's preventing me from getting over this hump?
    Hi all! I'm trying to @mention a user within a public channel. I'm using PostMessage(channelID, MsgOptionText("@user blah blah blah", false)) But the @user is just coming up as plain text within the channel.
    Naoki Kanatani
    Announcement from the Maintainer:
    Hi, we are actively checking #slack-go channel on Gopher's Slack.
    If you don't get a response here, please try chatting with us on Slack.