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    Bumble Bie
    Peter (bitfly)
    Hey guys! I've got a contract that uses a pretty unconventional approach to deploy other contracts, and was itself deployed using that same kind of deployment, and was wondering if you could help out
    Code verification has proved very challenging, as the bytecode used to deploy is fixed, but the resultant runtime code changes
    So the bytecode supplied during verification won't match the contract deployment code, but instead will match the code contained in the runtime of a separate "runtime storage" contract that the deploying contract delegatecalls into during contract construction
    Think you'd be able to help out with getting the code verified? Here's more information on the contract address, code, including address, deployment procedure, etc.
    Also happy to submit an issue or work on a PR with you guys if there's a repo for it
    Peter (bitfly)
    Hello, I don't think we currently support verifying such contracts
    will have a look if we are able to integrate it
    rohit soni
    i use extensively and saw a issue that recent ethereum pending tx are not being shown for accounts on block explorer .. only txs pending since 17 days are seen for now.. any support for this issue?
    Peter (bitfly)
    hi, we had to temp disable the pending tx feature for performance reasons. we have re-enabled it again now, sorry for the inconvenience
    Coburn Berry
    you guys aware that the gas api is down? all 0's
    Peter (bitfly)
    Thanks, we are working on it
    Noel Maersk

    Regarding and Istanbul-ready versions: Trinity v0.1.0-alpha.30 had a consensus issue, v0.1.0-alpha.31 is the one actually Istanbul-ready.

    Peter (bitfly)
    thanks will update!
    Jason Carver
    Peter (bitfly)
    already fixed, soory for the confusion!
    Bijay Bhuyan
    Hello sir
    Hi gobitfly
    Nick Mudge
    Hello, does have an API for fetching the verified source code of a contract? how about fetching the abi of a contract?
    what is the point to do the development on the system sir lbry
    I am trying to verify my contract source on Etherchain. When I click the dropdown to select compiler version no options appear. Specifically trying to verify
    Tried both chrome and ff