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to set your account's default identity.
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fatal: empty ident name (for <@github.com>) not allowed

David Newhook
Hello - I need to record a demo of some pipelines we use for container deployments. We have quite a big environment - is there any way to suppress the errors at the top right of the page? I can't clean up the errors as I'm not the pipeline owner - doesn't make for the best impression! GoCD 21.1.0
1 reply
Mohammed Amer
can I talk with gocd support
Mohammed Amer
1 reply
Hi team,
We recently upgraded GoCD to to 20.1.0 onwards which we are failing to upload config.xml via post request with 400 bad request.
We are using the following command
curl -s -XPOST ${GOCD_API_ENDPOINT}/go/admin/restful/configuration/file/POST/xml -H "Content-Type:application/x-www-form-urlencoded" --data-urlencode xmlFile@cruise-config.xml -H "Confirm: True" -u "$GO_SERVER_USER_NAME:$GO_SERVER_PASSWORD" -d md5=$config_xml_md5
Is there config.xml file size limit on post request?
or do you sugest any other way? Any help would be much appreciated as we are blocked on this.
1 reply
Hi, I want add a material to trigger on gerrit changes (after a push to HEAD:refs/for/master. Is it possible without a plugin, and how?
Anyone face this issue . Failed to trigger pipeline: launchable-push-report { Pipeline already triggered } . and thn this error fixes automatically after 2 to 3 min . I checked my gocd server logs nothing major find out from logs . Any Help !
Aravind SV
I would check whether the underlying material polling is delayed. Once you click trigger, it tries to get the latest commits. While it is doing that, if you refresh the browser and trigger again, it'll show you that message. Till it finishes that and starts building, it won't mark the pipeline as "in progress" and so, you will be able to trigger it again.
1 reply
Hi, I'm working with an old version of goCD. The online documentation refers only to the latest and the breaking changes between versions.
Do you know where could I find the documentation for a specific version ?
3 replies
Hi, we are using GoCD as our ci/cd tool on Kubernetes with elastic agents. Due to the deprecation of docker as underlying runtime (https://kubernetes.io/blog/2020/12/02/dont-panic-kubernetes-and-docker/) we are evaluating some alternatives as Kaniko or Podman/Buildah to build our docker containers in our pipelines. The main option at the moment is Podman/Buildah as we think we can install it on a GoCD agent and keep most of the pipeline configuration we already have, but we found some issues... the main question here is ¿Are you planning to release a version for gocd-agent-ubuntu for 20.04 LTS?
1 reply

Hi All,
with the recent change to GitHub’s authentication,
Basic authentication using a password to Git is deprecated and will soon no longer work.

how can we integrate this in GOCD build pipeline?

we are currently usign GOCD 16.1.0 version.
Thank you :)

2 replies
Hi! I'm trying to test GoCD, but I can'the find the app shortcut icon after install it on Windows. Does somebody have and suggestion? Thank you!
2 replies
@arvindsv: I've tried that without luck. I gonna reinstall Java. Let's see what happens.
Hi All,
Has anyone had any recent issues with the github pr build status notifier? I'm noticing that they do appear briefly when in pending state but then they completely disappear after the pipeline either fails or is successful.
Raymond Barlow
Hi All
is it possible to tell GoCD to leave my node_modules directory intact on Fetch materials ?
when it does a fetch, I see [GIT] Cleaning all unversioned files in working copy
I don't want it doing this
3 replies
Hi guys
Hope you are good. Does any one make webhook work for bitbucket?
1 reply
Raymond Barlow
For what it's worth, I found a java system property that helped me with my git clean.
added this to the end of my Go agent's wrapper.conf:
Hi all, I want to start with GoCD, my builds are in jenkins, could I integrate both tools?
4 replies
Slaus Blinnikov
Hello! Is it possible to specify [docker] host's folder as a material?
2 replies
Thomas Scully
Good morning! Yesterday, my team and I came across the announcement that GoCD would be community-driven as of 2021. We noticed the steering committee but haven't seen any updates as of August 2020. Is there any documentation or roadmap we are missing? We are wondering if the steering committee is taking over ownership or if there is any information around that. Thanks!
2 replies

Hello, I am facing the below issue during downgrade of gocd from 17.5.0 to 16.1.0

04-20 04:44:42 jdbc[3]: exception
org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Table "PIPELINES" not found; SQL statement:
SELECT name FROM pipelines WHERE locked = true [42102-168]

14 replies

Hello, guys. We are using GoCD version 21.1.0 and when we checked the logs, we saw this error for each agent:

2021-04-22 07:41:43,409 WARN [qtp1740200769-58] AgentService:539 - Agent [Agent [ 0fdc505c-eda8-4d9c-a70b-f2cdf0dd7d99, null]] has no cookie set
2021-04-22 07:41:43,410 ERROR [qtp1740200769-58] BuildRepositoryRemoteImpl:59 - Error occurred in com.thoughtworks.go.server.service.AgentRuntimeInfo@767b3180[agentBootstrapperVersion=21.1.0-12439,agentVersion=21.1.0-0,buildingInfo=AgentBuildingInfo[, ],cookie=<null>,identifier=Agent [ 0fdc505c-eda8-4d9c-a70b-f2cdf0dd7d99],location=/var/lib/go-agent-3,operatingSystemName=CentOS Linux 7.9.2009 Core,runtimeStatus=Idle,usableSpace=21260271616] ping.
com.thoughtworks.go.server.service.AgentNoCookieSetException: Agent [Agent [0fdc505c-eda8-4d9c-a70b-f2cdf0dd7d99, null]] has no cookie set

This error appears only at restart, and in the end the cookie is assigned for each agent:
2021-04-22 07:41:44,788 INFO [qtp1740200769-211] BuildRepositoryRemoteImpl:127 - [Agent Cookie] Agent [Agent [0fdc505c-eda8-4d9c-a70b-f2cdf0dd7d99]] at location [/var/lib/go-agent-3] asked for a new cookie, assigned [33afe63e-2c18-41fa-97f5-8602e9f4c95a]

We have a lot of agents and logs are polluted with these errors. Do you have any idea how can I get rid of this error? Is any way to disable the log for com.thoughtworks.go.server.service.AgentRuntimeInfo/com.thoughtworks.go.server.service?

8 replies
Hi, thanks in advance...
Facing an error duing config xml upload
Invalid content was found starting with element 'environmentvariables'. One of '{authorization, stage}' is expected.
how do I check what is the error line number, any logs to look at?
4 replies
Hi, I'm new neighbor and I have some question over GO/CD
Does anyone know if GC/CD is working on the auto scaling?. To be able to put it in pre and production?. We are considering implementing this solution in our data centers, but that functionality is important.
5 replies
Thank you very much for the answers, of course everything you mention is important, but my question is related to the following article: https://docs.pingcap.com/tidb-in-kubernetes/stable/enable-tidb-cluster-auto-scaling
4 replies
Hi, I am using gocd 21.2.0 and in the materials tab I could see the first 5 commits of git - which I was able to pick only within that. If I have to pick older commits the documentation says we can paste the commit in the text box, but when I do so it says "No revisions found matching"
10 replies
Hi I'm trying Nexus plugin to download some artifacts, but package not found is allway displayed, any recomendation?
Hi, I'm trying to download artifacts from jenkins, but I'm getting "Material JenkinsABC checkout failed: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in path at index 109: https://jenkins.abc/job/ABCService/job/DEVOPS-ARTIFSCTS/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/dist/bad data, check logs/"
1 reply
Hi, i'm using gocd 20.7. But it is so instability. Most web page are slow and the web page of pipeline history is often blank. How do i solve the issue? Does it a performance issue? There are hundreds of pipelines. If i migrate the db from h2 to postgres, cloud it be better?
4 replies
Ashley Stovall
Question, im using gocd 20.2 and we generate pipelines using a few processes that commit to a yaml repo. I have noticed after upgrading that i need to assign every role the view permission. Can this be done with the yaml plugin? This is amazingly tedious if not
1 reply
Correction 21.2
Hello Folks, Is it possible to configure the maximum number of artifacts a pipeline should store at any point in time? (I have setup artifact purging in the admin console and it is deleting the latest artifacts from pipelines. I want every pipeline preserve atleast 1 artifact build). Thanks :)

Hello, GoCD newbie, i'm following the GoCD Kubernetes tutorial. https://docs.gocd.org/current/gocd_on_kubernetes/importing_a_sample_workflow.html

The Job is not running: it fails cos the gocd server url is http://gocd-server:8153/go but it needs to be https

[Mon May 03 21:47:02 GMT 2021] Starting process:
[Mon May 03 21:47:02 GMT 2021] Working directory : /go
[Mon May 03 21:47:02 GMT 2021] Application arguments: [-serverUrl, http://gocd-server:8153/go]
[Mon May 03 21:47:02 GMT 2021] GoCD Version: 18.3.0-6540

-serverUrl must be an HTTPS url and must begin with https://
Usage: java -jar agent-bootstrapper.jar [options]
Print this help
The root certificate from the certificate chain of the GoCD server (in
PEM format)

  • -serverUrl
    The GoCD server URL. Must begin with https://, and end with /go
    The SSL verification mode.
    Default: NONE
    Possible Values: [FULL, NONE, NO_VERIFY_HOST]
I used helm to install gocd on a docker desktop kubernetes cluster

digging in, that value is coming from:
- name: GO_SERVER_URL value: 'http://gocd-server:8153/go'

Which is set by default in the helm template:
- name: GO_SERVER_URL {{- if .Values.agent.env.goServerUrl }} value: {{ .Values.agent.env.goServerUrl }} {{- else }} value: "http://{{ template "gocd.fullname" . }}-server:{{ .Values.server.service.httpPort }}/go" {{- end }}

Why is the helm template defaulting to http when the agent.jar does not accept it?
Looks like someone already created an issue gocd/helm-chart#12
This seems like a very integral piece (master -> agent communication). The fact it's not working, i'm curios how folks are able to get around it? I'm assuming a lot of folks have elastic agents.
Is this an active chat ? The "hello world" version of the product does not work doesn't look like i can get any help.