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    Fixing build. (compare)

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  • Jun 21 2019 22:53

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    Ensure the kernel is the latest. Removing void, it is broken and… Merge branch 'master' of https:… (compare)

  • Jun 17 2019 23:25

    pauldotknopf on master

    Update build (compare)

Peter Willemsen
This will only be done once
I also moved my whole nix config to a new darch script
I will now try and install it
how big is a darch image typically
just the docker overhead + the base system / installed programs?
My Arch Linux images are typically 1.5 GiB
the docker overhead isn't much as the images are squashed into a single layer
Oliver Evans
@pauldotknopf how long does a recipe build usually take for you?
Peter Willemsen
hey there
I'm currently having an issue with my Ubuntu darch image in that my system often freeze with RAM-heavy tasks such as running a virtual machine with > 4GB ram
I have a laptop with 16GB ram and that should be enough. I also have a 5GB swap image that is not used fully when it freezes
I was wondering if others have this issue too
Hello, everyone! I just discovered this project, prebuilt images work great, so I'm trying to build my custom arch. I've searched hard but just can't find any arch recipes. Does anybody have any examples? I'm not too savvy with docker or linux for that matter, would really appreciate any reference materials!
Hey @Likivik_gitlab :)
I have a very messy Arch recipe that I'll be glad to share, but I'll have to remove some personal data first. If you can give me a day, I'll shoot you the link.
@peterwilli: I'm far from being a Darch expert, but I feel like this probably isn't darch-related anyway. Have you checked your temp sensors? The freezes could be related to your CPU or GPU overheating. Just a guess tho. Anything in the syslog/journal?
@MartinE Thank you, I'd be really glad to have it if it's not too much trouble. I'm still going through Arch bootstrap wiki, and learning bash scripting along the way, so having any kind of working config as a reference would be real nice.
Peter Willemsen
@ZebraArtefakt_gitlab well now you metnioned it, my CPU did overheat over time, becuase I checked dmesg and it showed up sometimes. But I installed cpufreq-utils and it is started since then (keeping cpu frequency based on what you need). So I still think it's swap-related, because if I set swappinness to 100 the freezes stop
Paul Knopf
@Likivik_gitlab , I use to use Arch, but now I use Ubuntu. Check my git history for the Arch recipes: https://github.com/pauldotknopf/darch-recipes/tree/663a57868406378ed94c6e9ff139fe38654b1855
@peterwilli, I have 16gb and I am not having an issue. I know your remark is old, but htop output would be helpful.
Oliver Evans
Hi @pauldotknopf - I see that darch stage grub config-entry has the -c flag for enabling decryption in GRUB. How can I enable this behavior in the darch stage upload command?
Oliver Evans
It seems like it's hard-coded not to use the crypto flag here
Oliver Evans
Also, is it possible to include custom kernel parameters?
@OliverEvans96 I had to create a custom darch-extract script to add custom kernel parameters https://github.com/arnarg/darch-recipes/blob/master/workstation/darch-extract
darch-extract is a script in the base godarch images https://github.com/godarch/distributions/blob/master/arch/helpers/darch-extract
Oliver Evans
Thanks @arnarg , that's really nice!
Oliver Evans

Hi - I'm wondering about disk usage in my darch image partition. My images should only be taking up about 10G, but I'm seeing 43G used. Any idea why this might be or how to minimize disk usage?

oliver@oliver-x1c7-arch:~ % sudo darch images list
arch-base     latest  2019-07-18  1.5 GiB    
arch-desktop  latest  2019-07-18  3.8 GiB    
arch-develop  latest  2019-07-17  4.9 GiB    
arch-linux    latest  2019-07-18  659.1 MiB  
godarch/arch  latest  2019-07-15  157.5 MiB  
oliver@oliver-x1c7-arch:~ % df -h /var/lib/darch
Filesystem                         Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/ssd--vg-darch--images   67G   43G   22G  66% /var/lib/darch


@OliverEvans96 What about your stages? sudo darch stage list
otherwise, use du to see what's using all the space. sudo du -shx /var/lib/darch/*
Oliver Evans
@arnarg - thanks for the reply. It looks like I have a lot of overlayfs snapshots. I'm not sure if darch is using those, or if they can safely be deleted, and if so how.
[root@oliver-x1c7-arch oliver]# darch images list
REPOSITORY    TAG                CREATED     SIZE       
arch-base     2019-07-22-013245  2019-07-22  1.5 GiB    
arch-base     latest             2019-07-22  1.5 GiB    
arch-desktop  2019-07-22-013245  2019-07-22  3.8 GiB    
arch-desktop  latest             2019-07-22  3.8 GiB    
arch-develop  latest             2019-07-17  4.9 GiB    
arch-linux    2019-07-22-013245  2019-07-22  663.3 MiB  
arch-linux    latest             2019-07-22  663.3 MiB  
godarch/arch  latest             2019-07-15  157.5 MiB  

[root@oliver-x1c7-arch oliver]# df -h /var/lib/darch
Filesystem                         Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/ssd--vg-darch--images   67G   46G   19G  72% /var/lib/darch

[root@oliver-x1c7-arch oliver]# darch stage list

[root@oliver-x1c7-arch oliver]# du -shx /var/lib/darch/*
42G    /var/lib/darch/containerd
16K    /var/lib/darch/lost+found
4.8G    /var/lib/darch/stage

[root@oliver-x1c7-arch oliver]# du -shx /var/lib/darch/containerd/*
8.6G    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.content.v1.content
436K    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.metadata.v1.bolt
32K    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.runtime.v1.linux
4.0K    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.runtime.v2.task
8.0K    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.aufs
4.0K    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.btrfs
8.0K    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.native
33G    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs
4.0K    /var/lib/darch/containerd/tmpmounts

[root@oliver-x1c7-arch oliver]# du -shx /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/*
68K    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/metadata.db
33G    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots

[root@oliver-x1c7-arch oliver]# du -shx /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/*
498M    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/1
2.4G    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/101
5.5G    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/104
20K    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/107
20K    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/109
1.1G    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/31
2.9G    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/43
4.5G    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/56
1.1G    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/59
2.4G    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/62
4.5G    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/65
3.4G    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/68
1.1G    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/85
2.7G    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/86
1.1G    /var/lib/darch/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/98
Christopher A. Williamson
Hey folks! I'm thinking of switching from NixOS to Arch + Darch - one question though - is there any way to get Darch running on top of ZFS?
Christopher A. Williamson

^ Disregard above - I tried a slew of different approaches including trying to use a RAID0 array (yes, I know - redundancy - doesn't matter in my case) but none of it worked.

What got it working in the end was a single disk a 5 partitions:

  • /boot = 1gb vfat 32 - uefi
  • / = 20gb ext4 - "rescue" partition
  • /etc/darch = 10gb ext4 - darch configs
  • /var/lib/darch - 200gb ext4 - darch data
  • /home - ~800gb - home data

I'm planning to revisit this now that I've got to grips with Darch more and learned of its limitations.

So far I really like it - just like you said @pauldotknopf - it gives me a lot of the perks of NixOS without the DSL and general "faffiness" of maintaining a NixOS system.

Tristan Pinaudeau
Hi, I just discovered darch and am quite enthusiast about it. Thank you for the hard work. I tried installing it and it works fine except for the fstab hook, I may have not understand it but I can't find a way to make it work. The /etc/darch/hooks structure is a mystery for me, should I put my fstab.confg file under the /etc/darch/hooks or /etc/darch/hooks/fstab/ dir ? I tried both but it keep saying Glob config doesn't exist, not using any fstab... when I run sudo darch stage run-hooks.
(also, i tried specifying default config in the file /etc/darch/hooks/hooks-config.json without success)
fstab.config goes in /etc/darch/hooks
Oliver Evans
Hi - My /var/lib/darch is currently taking up 66GB, but when I do `sudo darch images list, the sum of my image sizes is much smaller than that. Is there any way to clean the images directory?
Andrey Koppel
Hi all
Hey, when trying to update my image today I noticed the package manager in the base image is not compatible to the repositories anymore, so I tried to use a new base image off the current void rootfs but it's not booting. I opened an issue about it: godarch/distributions#7
hi I'm getting the following error when I try to push a simple arch image, anyone know what to do cp: cannot stat '/boot/vmlinuz-linux': No such file or directory
Alex Hughes

Hey, just getting started with Darch.

I'm looking to build a Centos base image so I need to build my own distribution I guess.

Are there docs on what the different darch helper steps are intended to do?

Hi all, wow, I think I found something I'm going to adore. Just trying it out in a VM, think things are needing a bit of updating. Are pull requests accepted?
@cawilliamson yo did you ever get Darch running with ZFS? I wanna use ZFS snapshots instead of docker images... Would be a cool Darch use case. If you switched to NixOS (as your GitHub suggests), then I'd be curious to know why :)
I know it's mentioned on the github repo that @pauldotknopf still uses darch on a daily basis, but it seems this project is not receiving a lot of updates. Is anyone else still using darch?
Seven Zant (Disco Time)
the repo claims it is complete or similar
4 replies
Hello! I have found this lovely tool and am preparing a fresh install of Void Linux with it.
When partitioning, I assume the images are quite large. My drive is 900GB, I was considering splitting / and the darch partitions at 400 ea. I don't have tons of games or anything installed... it's mostly for work. Am I affording too much to the darch partition?
idk how to partition Darch really
if there is a root ZFS partition, then I don't see why you'd need a separate partition for images
Just rEFInd + ZBM + ZFS root + Darch