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maysam senaps
Hi all, how would i get the result of build(build status) from jenkins into the gogs pull-request page? anybody has done it?
Lauris BH
gogs does not support build status

Im currently setting up a new gogs server on ubuntu 18.04 from the snap repo and when i have a user try to add their ssh key into their profile page they keep getting this same error.

Sorry, we're not able to verify your SSH key: SSHKeyGenParsePublicKey: fail to parse public key: fork/exec /usr/bin/ssh-keygen: permission denied - fork/exec /usr/bin/ssh-keygen: permission denied

Has anyone else seen this and know a solution for it?

Bo-Yi Wu
@120GBSSD You can try the Gitea.io
Cheers @appleboy Ill have a look
test email is working but not caming commit mail
Ricardo Cunha
Hi everyone, I already read the contribution guide but I can't see the contributors name list. Is there a list anywhere?
Thiago Natanael
Hy guys
There is some Gog developer here?
@Unknwon hy man, are you here?
Hi veryone
Oscar Aguinagalde
Hello all, I have a quick question, can I render SVGs in my markdown files in my repositories? I have tryed everything, and for whatever reason I cant get it to render the svg
Not even if I open the svg in the gogs server does it render, even tho chrome has no problem displaying the same exact file in a different server of mine, so maybe it's an issue regarding the server used?
Oscar Aguinagalde
Nevermind I found this go-gitea/gitea#1095
i guess it's just not possible ;(
Peter Goudman
Just deleted a large tgz that was inadvertantly added to my repo using these instructions (1 - 6) : https://help.github.com/en/github/authenticating-to-github/removing-sensitive-data-from-a-repository#purging-a-file-from-your-repositorys-history. The file is gone, checked out fresh and the repository is smaller in size. But the file still exists on the server here: /data/tmp/local-repo/73/file_is_still_here.tgz . Is it ok to delete this directory?
Derek Schrock
With gogs can you view the commit history between two commits/tags?
Derek Schrock
Seems like this might be what I'm looking for gogs/gogs#2046
hi,Have any friends ever encountered this problem?
Hi folks
how can I migrate my gogs sqlite3 database to mysql?
is it recommended?
How can I see the commit message in gogs please ?