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    README: add LunaNode cloud depl… README: update LunaNode link [… (compare)

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I submit a pull request for #5252, wondering if someone could take a look. thank you
Zachery Hostens
no spam please
@helibin ?
Ruslan Popov
hi all. ppl, does anybody use Drone CI with GoGS?
I can't activate a repository in Drone :(
Ruslan Popov
or, what is the best CI service for GoGS?
I @RaD i've used in the past droneCi with Gogs if i'm not wrong
had some issues because of trying running that in a rpi2 , but besides that
Hey, I wanted to let you peeps know that I have started using this on my raspberry pi and I love it. Great job!
Viswanath Keerthi
Hello! I'm trying to develop an application using gogs and for that I need to edit the commit log location and storage mechanism and other things but I'm not able to understand the project structure. Can someone please guide me? Thanks in advance.
maysam senaps
Hi all, how would i get the result of build(build status) from jenkins into the gogs pull-request page? anybody has done it?
Lauris BH
gogs does not support build status

Im currently setting up a new gogs server on ubuntu 18.04 from the snap repo and when i have a user try to add their ssh key into their profile page they keep getting this same error.

Sorry, we're not able to verify your SSH key: SSHKeyGenParsePublicKey: fail to parse public key: fork/exec /usr/bin/ssh-keygen: permission denied - fork/exec /usr/bin/ssh-keygen: permission denied

Has anyone else seen this and know a solution for it?

Bo-Yi Wu
@120GBSSD You can try the Gitea.io
Cheers @appleboy Ill have a look
test email is working but not caming commit mail
Ricardo Cunha
Hi everyone, I already read the contribution guide but I can't see the contributors name list. Is there a list anywhere?
Thiago Natanael
Hy guys
There is some Gog developer here?
@Unknwon hy man, are you here?
Hi veryone
Oscar Aguinagalde
Hello all, I have a quick question, can I render SVGs in my markdown files in my repositories? I have tryed everything, and for whatever reason I cant get it to render the svg
Not even if I open the svg in the gogs server does it render, even tho chrome has no problem displaying the same exact file in a different server of mine, so maybe it's an issue regarding the server used?
Oscar Aguinagalde
Nevermind I found this go-gitea/gitea#1095
i guess it's just not possible ;(
Peter Goudman
Just deleted a large tgz that was inadvertantly added to my repo using these instructions (1 - 6) : https://help.github.com/en/github/authenticating-to-github/removing-sensitive-data-from-a-repository#purging-a-file-from-your-repositorys-history. The file is gone, checked out fresh and the repository is smaller in size. But the file still exists on the server here: /data/tmp/local-repo/73/file_is_still_here.tgz . Is it ok to delete this directory?
Derek Schrock
With gogs can you view the commit history between two commits/tags?
Derek Schrock
Seems like this might be what I'm looking for gogs/gogs#2046
hi,Have any friends ever encountered this problem?
Hi folks
how can I migrate my gogs sqlite3 database to mysql?
is it recommended?
How can I see the commit message in gogs please ?
Vitalii Bazylo
Hi everyone. We use Gogs on our project and have some trouble with Public Activity, some of our devs don't have Public Activity logs in profile. But commits are pushed well and changes are coming. It's a problem for us, because we use Jenkins and because of this problem webhooks works only for pull request.
Screenshot 2021-12-07 at 13.48.57.png
Screenshot 2021-12-07 at 13.48.36.png
the are is a different between two devs profile
Roman Milovskiy
How I can reset 'git' password?
Roman Milovskiy
Ted Coderman
most chat goes on in the discord. I don't understand your question.
Is there in gogs possibility to configure default webkoohs for new repository?
I have read all docs but didn't find out anything...(