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    Peter Bittner
    Thanks for creating this Gitter chat room, Alessandro!
    Hi all
    anyone ever tried this with an oauth server that allows a kerberos ticket for single-signon?
    Janne Granström
    Miguel Alberto Plazas
    i would like to know when i make auto-mounting, i'm getting problems to access to nautilus?
    Hey hey
    I just installed ocamlfuse and try to start it on my CLI only Ubuntu 18 LTS server
    But I get this error: Error: no DISPLAY environment variable specified
    I don't use a Display. So what am I supposed to do? Isn't CLI only supported?
    After doing export DISPLAY=:0.0
    And running google-drive-ocamlfuse it just does nothing. It hangs but does nothing. So the same as before but without the error message
    After cancelling I get this error: Exiting due to channel error.
    btw how i can prefetch all thumbnail?

    I'm also trying to use on a remote server, but the same error has occurred to me.

    I'm gonna try to find out the reason why and how to fix it, after the job.

    Has anyone experienced any kind of error using Resilio Sync and GDrive-Ocamlfuse lately? I was able to transfer files between servers using Resilio and attaching GDrive (attached with ocamlfuse) to the destination server. Now, the destination server has Resilio stuck at 0% while just the first file transferred replicate itself indefinitely in GDrive, hence Resilio thinks it is still downloading it and does not add new files.