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Repo info
    Is there a reason why users of the library were not allowed to specify a theme at runtime?
    Hi, If I want to open a sub window while in the main window, what is the right way to connect the sub window to the main window? Also catching the close event of the sub window so that the adjustments in the sub window can be processed. I couldn't find any examples. If anyone could give me an example that would be nice. Thanks.
    Ben Clayton
    @carlTLR there was no decision to lock-down the apperance
    of controls - the original goal was that the dark package provided a very simple example of implementing a theme
    The light theme was pretty much a fork of that
    I'm not opposed to making the theme colors controllable at runtime, but it sounds like you're wanting to control a button's colors on a per-instance basis
    In that case, I'd probably recommend 'deriving' your own version of Button and overriding the Paint method as you see fit
    Ben Clayton
    @cor-bos I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "connect the sub window to the main window"
    Theme has CreateWindow() to spawn new windows. You can add listeners to that window's OnClose event.
    You probably know all this, so I'm probably just not understanding your question
    Samuel Nelson

    What is the correct method to overwrite text (for completions, snippets, electric braces, or other forms of automatic code writing) in a mixins.CodeEditor without access to mixins.CodeEditor.TextBox.controller? I see the code editor using the controller field to apply code suggestions and indentation, but the field isn't exported and doesn't have any getters, so far as I can see. I suppose I can use SetText, but that seems overkill.

    On a similar note, how bad an idea would it be to export access to that controller field? I find myself wanting access to it more and more as I go on; but that may just mean that I should be implementing my own gxui.CodeEditor without using the mixins.

    @ben-clayton No, not aiming to control things per instance. Being able to specify a theme structure once at startup would be enough for me. I like that the design basically gives you consistent looking elements.
    @ben-clayton When I put my question on the board I didn't but in the meantime I found out how. But now a strange problem pops up. On my linux labtop everything run as it should be but when compile for Windows the main window is fine but the second window stays black. The controls are missing. Could it be a memory problem? The windows pc has 2GB of ram memory, that should be enough for such a simple program is my guess.
    for some reason, label.setText, won't work for utf-8 chars, not sure what I was missing
    guess I missed the font, seems font is an interface, what's easiest way to add the font?
    are there screenshots available somewhere?
    Ben Clayton
    You can use custom fonts by using Driver.CreateFont:
    @S0lll0s - sorry I haven't got around to uploading screenshots. I see you've found the PR, I think adding them to another branch is a good idea. There is the gh-pages branch which is what gxui.io points to. Perhaps that is the most sensible place for them
    www.gxui.io that is
    @ben-clayton "> I see you've found the PR" uh.... I haven't...?
    now I have though.
    Ben Clayton
    ah, sorry, my bad.
    My main account
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    Rosen Lu
    I am a new gopher
    Enea Marius
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    Sherrin John
    Roy Charles
    hi everyone :)
    Can someone confirm me if gxui is discontinued?
    Ben Clayton
    @albertog - for the time being yes. If I find myself with some free time, I'd love to revisit it, but until then I'm afraid so.
    Sherrin John
    Joey Perme
    Are there any good alternatives for Golang GUI support?
    Working on creating a GUI interface for desktop trading over Robinhood.
    Ben Clayton
    @joeyperme_twitter - the best list of alternatives that I'm aware of is at https://github.com/avelino/awesome-go#gui
    Fidel Ramadhan
    hi, i'm a new gopher.. could anyone suggest me where i should learn go from?
    I just installed ubuntu along with windows . Everything works fine except internet is not working in ubuntu .can someone help me?
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