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David Barnett
This activity feed is pretty nice. I set it up to track all of our repositories (ones owned by https://github.com/orgs/google/teams/vim)
Nate Fischer
I am completely baffled by the activity stream. It tracks several repositories, but doesn't tell me which one a given entry refers to. I see two different references to changes "on master", which are from different repos, but I can't tell which without clicking them.
David Barnett
@xanderman I sent a support request to Gitter Support about not having repo names in the activity feed.
David Barnett
@xanderman Gitter support pointed me to existing feature request gitterHQ/gitter#141 for displaying actual repo name.
This message was deleted
Arch Master
Google made Vim?
(Stupid question.)
But really?!
David Barnett
nope. are you asking because the channel name here says "google/vim"?
David Barnett
There is no "google/vim" GitHub repo, this channel is associated with all the vim-related repos managed by https://github.com/orgs/google/teams/vim (all Google employees but maintaining them as a side project not affiliated with Google)
which reminds me, we have a few new/renamed repos like github.com/bazelbuild/vim-bazel and github.com/bazelbuild/vim-ft-bzl that haven't been associated here…
Arch Master
@dbarnett thanks.
Lucian Daniel Crisan
hello google/vim
I shamelessly show ShionKeys to everyone
hi there
Donny Yan
hello world
Blake Link
guys looking to set up VIM for rails development, can someone point me in the right direction?
Anyone know why I would have to manually source a ~/.vimrc file for it to take place? I just installed typescript syntax plugin using Vundle.. But syntax highlighting doesn't take effect on *.ts(x) files until I run :source ~/.vimrc . I'm wondering if it's loading a different .vimrc that takes precedence in the load order.
$VIMINIT is empty
I have a long paragraph which is automatically linebreaked by vim (:set linebreak). What if I want a to automatically insert a \n at every linebreak?
I can come up with a macro but I don't think it will cover all the casers.
right now I'm doing a g$s<CR><ESC> repeatedly. It breaks when the last char is not a space.
Shady Alfred
I have a problem with linespace in gVim on Windows. It only adds the sapce at the bottom
line padding
David Barnett
@xanderman looks like they changed our OAuth domain settings and we lost ops here =/
Hello world