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    Wei Lip
    Hi anybody here? Looking for some help on grpc-web https://github.com/grpc/grpc-web
    I am trying to implement some kind of reconnect logic back to grpc web. And some health checks. But when the service is unavailable(Not Running), the error does not propagate to the callback which makes it difficult for me to handle.
    POST <url> 503 (Service Unavailable)
    Is there anyway for me to catch the above error?
    Johan Brandhorst-Satzkorn
    Oh, hi!
    This room is for the gopherjs wrapper of the improbable grpc-web implementation, and I think the grpc/grpc-web issue tracker is the best place to ask questions like the one you have (and I see you already have).
    shashanka mogaliraju
    Hi ? looking for some clarification on Protobuf Bytestring Apis. I have a ByteString and i need to convert to a nio ByteBuffer without having to perform a copy of underlying bytes . I have come across asReadOnlyByteBuffer() method in ByteString class. JavaDoc says The result uses the same backing array as the byte string, if possible. can someone clarify when the bytes copy will happen and when same backing array would get reused if i use asReadOnlyByteBuffer() method