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Mar 2015
Erik Svedäng
Mar 01 2015 01:36 UTC
this might be a good place to show my new side project, a Lisp implemented in C :)
Jean-Louis Giordano
Mar 01 2015 08:04 UTC
Jean-Louis Giordano
Mar 01 2015 08:10 UTC
so yeah, we'll need to decide what to do for our next meetup. Ideas? @suvash suggested we do something special for the 3 years anniversary of the group (founded march 2012... time flies!)
Suvash Thapaliya
Mar 01 2015 16:43 UTC
woohoo ! nice to see people chattin' up here.
@eriksvedang that smells like ! will have to check it ;)
yeah, we could always do a regular meetup. but i think it would be cool to try and do something more.
maybe like a workshop, where we have a a couple of different presentations, throughout the (half)day.
so, that we can get more people interested/excited about lambdas.
Suvash Thapaliya
Mar 01 2015 16:51 UTC
also, welcoming all the people who have recently joined the group ! @/all
Feel free to ask questions, start discussions, leave messages and anything related. I'm sure there might be somebody here who can help, chat back, etc. :)
also @eriksvedang ! maybe pixie-lang is what you're after ;)