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Mar 2015
Anders Persson
Mar 10 2015 15:19
As i am in in the "Interesting,like to learn" but a lot in the group know much more about functional programming, could we in the future have a meeting talking about basic (think it could attract more people too), or if it just me, could i have some god links/book/ etc to catch up :)
Magnus Therning
Mar 10 2015 16:29
I've been playing with Mirage a bit, and if I manage to get a Cubieboard I'll be ready to show it all off on a meeting... the only thing that worries me is that there might be quite a bit of surrounding stuff to go through as well: OCaml (esp. functors), virtualisation (Xen)
@anderspersson I've thought of that sort of thing too... but I'm not sure where to start... one idea I had was to work through some academic paper and show concrete examples of what its ideas were good for... if any Clojure fanatics out there would like to explain Ideal Hash Tress for instance? ;)
Anders Persson
Mar 10 2015 16:45
@magthe yes could be a start, and also make up some common practical task eg. thing common i every language, and see how to solve them i Clojure and talk around the solutions.