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Jul 2015
Suvash Thapaliya
Jul 11 2015 00:26
ah great ! let's setup a meetup for some time after you're back then, whenever it works.
Jean-Louis Giordano
Jul 11 2015 06:59
yay! Idris! This one has been long time coming :) We should be going live with our ClojureScript app within the next few weeks, after that I can also host a meetup showing what kind of setup we have
Magnus Therning
Jul 11 2015 07:34
I'd love to hear more about clojurescript... Has anyone in the group looked at purescript?
Alexa DeWit
Jul 11 2015 08:38
I haven't -> I've been planning to use scalajs for the next web project I engage in. I've heard some good things and the reading I've done into scalajs has me pretty excited and optimistic.
Magnus Therning
Jul 11 2015 09:52
Sounds interesting!
Though I have to admit that ghcjs and purescript are high on my list of things I wish I had time to look at.