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Jul 2015
Jean-Louis Giordano
Jul 20 2015 05:30 UTC
oh! yay! we do use ClojureScript + Figwheel + Re-frame in a soon-to-be-released-in-prod user-facing product! @profil @magthe has been fairly smooth sailing so far!
ok def. gonna do a meetup about that... We need to start thinking about finding a room! :P
Jean-Louis Giordano
Jul 20 2015 06:01 UTC
Line-up for upcoming meetup: we have ClojureScript for sure, Idris/Agda depending on @vlopezj, and who's in for some presenting something about Haskell -> JS?
I personally have 0 experience with the latter, but would be very much be interested to see what kind of workflow it yields
Daniel Pettersson
Jul 20 2015 14:58 UTC
@Jell: cool! is it at pugglepay? I'm wondering how many companies in Gothenburg uses clojure(script)
Jean-Louis Giordano
Jul 20 2015 15:00 UTC
@profil yep! PugglePay / Zimpler. I think people ELabs and Burt have experimented with Clojure/ClojureScript, but not sure what they did or how far they got