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Sep 2015
Jean-Louis Giordano
Sep 21 2015 12:37 UTC
talking about MirageOS, do you think it would be easy to make a PCI-compliant app using unikernel? (asking for a friend :p) Easy part: no drivers available except the ones necessary for the app. Hard part: prevent data leakage through the hypervisor. Thoughts?
Magnus Therning
Sep 21 2015 13:08 UTC
@Jell I'd say it's no harder than writing a PCI-compliant app on an ordinary OS... what's the process for getting an OS approved? Is Windows (in some specific configuration) already approved? What about Linux? What about stack running on the OS (Windows+ASP.NET / LAMP).
From one POV it ought to be easier, there's simply less code... it's just unfortunate that dom0 is so fat still... but dom0 is a lot slimmer than a LAMP-stack :)
Then it's of course an exotic thing... uncommon language, uncommon runtime, uncommon everything... which probably means it's more expensive to find qualified people for the approval process