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Sep 2015
Magnus Therning
Sep 24 2015 09:07
@Jell what does your friend think about PCI-compliance for a unikernel?
Marco Zocca
Sep 24 2015 10:16
I had a spec, wrote some Haskell for it, found 1253 problems with it
wrote some types, listened to GHC, 1242 problems went away
wrote some classes, refactored, only a couple problems were left
wrote a monad transformer to rule it all, now I have 25+3.9j problems to deal with
I'm a bit wary of treading into categorical land
Jean-Louis Giordano
Sep 24 2015 10:53
@magthe after looking at the actual requirements it might not help that much, unless I can find a paas that is PCI compliant itself for serving the app
I mean there is a part that says "you should run an antivirus at regular interval", I don't even
would be cool though :p
for my friend I mean
Jean-Louis Giordano
Sep 24 2015 11:00
anyway, AWS is PCI compliant infrastructure, so just a normal OS might be easier to show that it's PCI compliant, because the rules are very specific
Magnus Therning
Sep 24 2015 11:22
@Jell those certification documents sometimes have a lot of baggage (like running anti-virus)... Xen is CC-certified (in a very specific configuration) so that might help for that part at least
I know that for CC-certification there is a lot of wiggle room, one only has to argue convincingly that something is good (supporting it by evidence is not always required at the lower levels), so if PCI is anything like it there is room for someone schooled in legalese to help a unikernel get certified ;)
Jean-Louis Giordano
Sep 24 2015 15:10
good to know! I might look into that a bit, for the heck of it :p
Suvash Thapaliya
Sep 24 2015 23:04
seems like there's an opening for Elixir devs in Gbg.