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Oct 2015
Jean-Louis Giordano
Oct 12 2015 09:41 UTC
so @magthe and @rippedspine are you both onto elm now? shall we try to organise that Elm meetup?
we could try to aim for mid-november?
and we need to find a new venue :/
Oct 12 2015 11:01 UTC
sure, I started reading some articles, but that’s it atm. from what ive gathered I think an elm workshop where we make a canvas game should be doable :)
i can ask my bosses if we can host it here
Magnus Therning
Oct 12 2015 11:41 UTC
@Jell well, I got so damn confused by clojurescript... not the language but the tooling ;) and Elm seems nice to a Haskell-ite
it would be nice to have someone who actually knows something about it present something... or simply make it a no-one-knows-anything-but-we'll-build-something-anyway meeting
Suvash Thapaliya
Oct 12 2015 11:45 UTC
Can you make it last week November ;) ?
Jean-Louis Giordano
Oct 12 2015 12:12 UTC
@rippedspine that'd be awesome!
@magthe those are the best kind of meetups anyway :p
Magnus Therning
Oct 12 2015 20:24 UTC
@Jell the first step would be to actually get the elm tools installed and working... it's much too difficult I think